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Suicide : who is in charge, the individual´-or-the society ?

mohammed bourkadi
2015 / 11 / 9

looking for meaning and not finding it is not the only reason we used to mention in most cases of suicide because statistics and facts nowadays have shown us many factors that can by a way´-or-another contribute in such behavior..
for those who consider suicide as a solution they think that it will give them a solace to their anguished lives. it can redeem them from the psychological fatigue , moreover, the pressure springs from that feeling is powerful enough to produce a dark vision covering up all sort of light coming into the view space of the person and that obscures to a great deal the logical thinking and the rational capacity that constains our behavior..
in Morocco, where society has a great impact on the reaction of people if it is not the one who is in charge of most of their behavior and conviction , the view of society is cruciel and so poweful to the extent that it shapes the destination and tendencies of each individual,therefore, one becomes chained and suffocated because of this Siege..once he speaks it is that the society that speaks instead of him and when he judges it is that the society that judges in behalf of him..each action comes out from the individual is already pre-anticipated and predicted from the society..he is in a circle and cannot get out of it , the society produces all the rules one has to follow, and gives him orders to abide by , and if one day s1 wants to revolte he figures out that he used to be a part of that mixture ,he is a member amongs the deciscion makers that by help of them the society builds its norms, traditions together with the accepted and the non-accepted behaviors..so he could neither survive nor reshape the form again according to his new vision ...he forgets that he was oneday in charge of all this mess , this global terms of agreement towads certain things, he is the one who recognizes and gives names to things and projects his thought over various matters..he is the society itself ..
although one realizes that he is the maker ,he tries to flee himself and transcend the rules he already made to follow, he strives to put a new model ,a new shape because the previous one is no more valid and no more equivalent to his ambition ,to his unusual fluidity ..
he plays with a super caution fearing for not bothering other agents "other members of society" cause if he mistakes he will be judged by his own rules he put to himself ..
he tries to cheat in the exam but so cautiously to the extent that sweat comes out of his body , he tries to lie but again so prudent not to be caught, he so used all his wise and cunning intelligence to hide all expressions of stress and nervesness and to calculate each word he pronounce knowing that the unconscience may expose him to the reality..
he is the victim and the victimizer at once, he likes to blame other members for what they ve done whereas ,no one talks to him once he commits sth unsual , he seems so careful tracking others violations but once it comes to him he devotes all his mental power to cover up his faults letting no incident no matter how small it is apparent to the jury ..
he is so aggressive controlling others, so he combines all the proofs that Condemns them, he is not tolerant´-or-peaceful when others commit a crime´-or-make a mistake even if these matters do not matter to him Either closely´-or-from afar, he is always avaible to track other s fault and watch how much blame these agents may be exposed to..
by seeing so he gives vent to his innate suppressed emotions towars the other , therefore--;-- that declares his superiorité over their inferiority thinking that by knowing others weekness and rules penetration he is safe and he garanties his social statut amid those who are innocent and loyal and acceptable as a social beings ..
based on that meaning the one who transands the pre-dominant rules of society of himself in other meaning and fail to conform to social norms becomes tortured and torn between self-penalty and the judgement of the other ..now after he used to be a victimizer tracking others to establish the proof against them he turns into a victim of that tracking series , and because of the fact that he knows how severe he deals with the others he can predict his fate when he becomes within their reach hence the suffering begins and the innate agony turns on proclaiming the unmerciful views of the others and the endless fingers that are gonna accuse him..
there is no wonder of that fact because he is the founder of it and the one who monitors its influence and controls its feedback ..and here comes the major problem ,for he suffocates himself by himself and he digs his grave by his own will..
at this point and by that convention it is so complicated for the being to figure out what to do ,for that reason death seems so striking cause it evidently appears to put an end to the chaos of society s interpretation that consume that being bit by bit ..

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