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Ghassan Alazzawi
2015 / 11 / 7

While the kids playing football nearby their houses in the village . A dark car stopped in the street around them then many gunmen came down . Their faces covered by a black masks ( The Iraqis used to see this after W.BUSH liberation in 2003 ) . They started shooting who found there . a farmers , walkers and kids were playing on the ground . They couldn t do anything except running away . High voices of screaming fill the place and an armed group which were contains around 5 gunmen still young that’s look of their bodies ( According to a witnesses ) . The targeted person is an officer in Iraqi police lives with his family in his house . He is rooted of a farmer family so he stayed in a dangerous place to keep his life as he like . a natural life and a green gardens then nice breathe ( The villagers addicted for this life ) , All of this tempted him to change his mind then stay among his brothers and relatives . it is a tribal community as most of Iraqi people
An attack was in the midday under sunlight and the gunmen pulled the victim to the car of his arm with violent beating in front of his wife who was crying and beating her head besides the sons who wiping their eyes of tears while try to follow their father but they got a strong hit to their faces and heads .
The car went among another cars and no one of authorities did an action to save the kidnapped officer .The family lost it s capital and the suffering started as another Iraqis . A lot of basic characters in Iraqi community as a Doctors , Officers , Businessmen etc .. Are kidnapped in the best phase but most of victims killed and found with the torn body so many of them swapped with the rivers waves after killing and throwing them in an other towns but the water delivered the bodies as what happen in the Tigress river until now .

In the night around 10:30 pm the wife phone rang by strange number she rushed to answer . As she expected . The kidnappers ordered her to pay 50,000 --$-- to re-bring her husband .
She asked the relatives and friends to help her to gathers the money . After two days they called her again to know what she did for their require , She told them that she ready to pay the money cash and the money at home . They gave her the information and what she do threatting her by kill her husband if she announced the case for the police .

At almost 5:00 am someone came by bicycle covering his face as usually and called the son ordering him to bring the money . He obeyed and brought the bag of money . After 4 hours waiting they got a calling ask them to going for a known place in the village to take their precious man .
When they went to bring him the surprise shocked them , Truly they found him but of two parts the head was away of body on the ground in the general garden .
The family decided to sell it s owns to leave the country heading to Europe after losing their man .

This story and others forced a thousands of Iraqis to run away even kids and women . They trying to stay alive that is all the dream , Neither an academic certificate holders only nor the gays escape of Iraq such the world expects because most of Iraqis dream to keep their souls and living peaceful with their children as they were live in past years . The Iraqis forgot something named homeland after the last war which destroyed the history and civilization source. American citizens stayed silent against the innocents genocide in another country by their leader craziness and lies without caring for the crime which destroyed their image in front of the world . But the funny thing they take a freedom as a logo for their crimes and occupations for a peaceful people of foreign countries as Iraq .

The wave of immigration turned to horrible issue and the terrorism which coming of the far countries entering Iraq and Syria be a public threaten to region , A foreigners occupation for this countries became a truth with witnessing the greatest countries such UK and USA Which stayed a viewers for the miserable situation which they were a base for it .

Since Saddam Hussein s regime falling most of Iraqis losing their souls without reason just because W.Bush decided that . For now many of Iraqis asking about the reasons which made them live in a hell wishing the death everyday . In spite of this crisis and crimes which changed the life of the millions threatening the world with the 3rd war . The American citizens live without voices . They live a natural life , under roof , eat the best food . Their children going to school without caring for many Iraqis who can not in a sunk tents under rain and storms , staying without food for a days , the children forcing to leave their schools ! All of these challenges which facing Iraqis everyday because of USA leader s lie ……
And the USA citizens stay silent and calling with humanity and freedom .It seems the American adore the silence to their leaders crimes , But something more need an answer ?

- When the American citizen feel himself a human and have a voice must be heard ?
- When the American emotion moving to feel the pain of others ?
- Did she accept her child torn to a parts in front of her eyes same Iraqi mothers ?
- Who of them accept to leave his homeland under gun threatening ?

More questions that we have as Iraqis for American people to an American leaders especially as uncle W.BUSH to set a fire of our hearts which burning since the planes of USA started shooting us with the different weapons to kill more and more of the innocent people who live in it s home without reason !

After a years suffering they decided to get out of the hell which they made it . Then brought a some of criminals who had an Iraqi passport but they did not belonging for this country just in the name because they were a terrorists had an dark history by bombing embassies and general foundations and kill a lot of innocent people as what been in Beirut in past years then bring these criminals to rule us under a constitution was be written by their hands included a lot of mistakes to steal our rights under official low then protect the criminals , Corrupted , Killers beyond legal cover and this is what happen in Iraq from many years .

The Iraqi heroes ( by treason ) The corrupted heads who rules Iraq today as government under American orders . Was a big wrong for USA leaders to continue their crime of Iraq destroying . Wars traders sucked our bloods by their stealing for the general owns . 1st of it the country s money it was took out of borders then the oil was carried by trucks to Iran and Turkey then ISIS continued the task of oil stealing .

The wrong constitution gave a grantee for a Iraqi politicians to lasting their corruption even it was be a public steal like attacks onto general banks as what happened in ( Zewiya bank) in Karradah ,Q . inside Baghdad by a politician s gang as Iraqis know , An other new Iraq politicians choose the different way to show their power then founded their militants using the general money and tools as an army weapons and wheels to doing their suspected actions like an attacks and kidnapping operations .

Also an others decided to crush the country economy by cancelling an important lows for ministries of trade and agriculture and oil even tourism and transport , And the Iraqis busy with the bombs and immigration and displace events and how to save themselves of this disaster which can not be solve . And the American busy with Cathy Perry and pets .

The logo of liberation and freedom be a big comedy movie . And the western leaders stayed unable with the terrorism which crossing their borders heading to our countries to founding a extreme country accusing us of supporting them with the name most ( Islamic State ) and they kill Islamic people of the two sect by their stupid stores but the surprise was the tools which found in their places after fighting in many of Iraq provinces assured that these groups be supported of western organization´-or-governments this is shows the tools when it cried the English words so many of arrested elements could not speak Arabic .

Besides , Many of ignorant planes threw the aid for terrorist in their control places ( According a witnesses of Peshmargah ) in Diyala province north of Baghdad and parts of Musol and Ramadi .
The game be known-well by Iraqis but we need more caring of world to explain the story of 13 years of war and destroying for this I decided to deliver the part of it in these words to show the world the pain of the millions of my people , ( The victims of American silence )

After these pains the Iraqis decided to leave the home after losing all of beauty and nice under USA fire .
Right now , thousands decided to escape looking for peace place away of Iraq after turning it to a wide hell eating all without sin , Citizens of small religions as Christian and Yazidis had suffering of the new threat in their orginal land , And the constitution treating them as a 2nd phase citizens .
what happened in ( surviving lady church ) inside Baghdad few years ago was the danger message for the world meaning that the Iraq became the militants point threatening the peaceful living , Gangs low which be the constitution for this country of millions of victims were a result for American liberation and seeking for freedom as what happened for Iraq when the American accused it with a mass distraction weapons but after 13 years of war and destroying , it was kidding from uncle W.BUSH to the silent world .

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