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Genocide for Yazidis in Iraq

Ghassan Alazzawi
2015 / 1 / 4


When we talking about Yazidis that s means we talking about an deep-rooted people in this country, The component adore the peace and loyalty for land of grandfathers before 1800 years BC when their history start , Although of their migration outside Iraq but a few of them stayed not exceed eight hundred thousands citizen according to their intellectuals , Many of this religion members from Syria and Turkey but in Iraq They still a basic component because of their history started form this land and they are belonging to Babylon civilization and their religious location ( Lalekish ) temple which believes of god loneliness , They live in Sinjar city and it s villages which surrounds it and some of different cities like ( Bashiqa) , Mostly of them speak Kurdish but some of them belonging to Arabic language and culture and this appears of their cloths , Some of them expected that their case is political and a big deal behind it but most of them expect the different as the other Iraqis took part of this disaster which destroyed the civilization and the peaceful living for a thousands years,
We decided to follow the story and putting the light to Yazidis suffering and pains , We went to Erbil which contains the massive numbers of Iraqi displaced who left their towns and villages with force , they left everything except their clothes seeking the survive of extremist groups who took almost 30% of Iraq , We traveled hundreds KMs to north coming from capital Baghdad, While arrived at afternoon the task was so hard to get security agreement to compose this investigation , The security information difficult especially to independent journalism but at last we got it to serving the human rights then publish the truth , At one of the tents we find the story which started without coincidence , Three kids playing with a ball made of plastic bags by their mother who want make them happy even they were at the miserable situation but " They are lucky while survived of miracle death " They says

The dark day

At 6:20 morning 16 Monday in June 2014 , Everything was normal they start their day like others , While ( Heven ) was woke up to make the breakfast at morning early like everyday she does not knows what the destiny hides for her and her folk , she lives in small village near Sinjar west of Mosul near Syria s border , she began her dark day without caring what will happening after an hours , her husband in work he went in the dawn and her three kids still , She says " I felt something will happen but do not know what ? I heard voices of heavy fire shooting then huge explosions shaking the house after that began the screams of villagers who were running barefoot , I rushed quickly to door and when opened it I felt worry of these hundreds who left everything to run away then I started touch the fugitives of men and women and ask but no one answer me , I ask with my high voice .. Oh god what is happen ? someone slapped to my face hardly and screamed .. run away they are coming , I asked him who them ? He left me and last to running , The bombing voices covering the place that is what made my kids waking up and following me outdoor , I carried my son Saif 2 years old and touched hand of Seren the little daughter 6 years old although they are still y and rubbing their eyes but my older son Salah 12 years old was able to run with me , I left my house s door open and began running with the fugitives , We did not where we going to , But we stayed running maybe 7 hours´-or-8 I do not remember well except the rest for minutes in small villages in the way , Some of us could not escape from the village such the elderly and disabled and patients , I was running with people without known where I go but I saw many older persons falling down of tiredness and thirst , The sun was rose and --dir--ect to our heads and no one carrying the water some of farmers in Muslim s villages which we met them in the way gave us water to drink and wash our faces and they asked us about these huge voices in our villages so they asked us to stay with them in their houses but we refused because of first our worry if they follow us and second our massive number of this religion can not possibly the place , When the sunset approached we were arrived the mountain of Sinjar , It is the famous mountain in Iraq it is the historical identity of Yazidis , we started to walking with hard breathing and we have not seen our village and the neighbors there ".

On the mountain

( Heven ) Continues " the kids and women were crying even the men were in miserable situation they were see there villages burning but escaped , One of the men starts screaming by high voice " We are cowards " with beating his head by hand , We were hysterical with disappoint of our protections by our government it was a shock for us and all Iraqis , We stayed without food and water onto mountain and the world do not care for us of maybe blind of our disaster even government was disabled saving us of slow death , I was so hot and the men forced to come down of the mountain to some near places to bring the water it was --dir--ty but we should drink it´-or-we die many of kids died of hunger and thirst , So we forced the eat and feed our kids wild plants to stay alive , All this suffering lasted for one month we lost in it many of our friends and relatives even the strangers we felt them because of the similar pain hurts all , We start bury the dead at the mountain on around it because we can not take them for cemetery the place was surrounded by ISIS which was targets us according to our religion and we know this a big lie because they killed the Muslims before us , We lived like wild animals even the international planes brought the the food and water some other things at that time we comforted something after that I heard that the member of parliament ( Vian Dahkil ) cried and screamed our pains in front of the world , After that she came herself to save us in Helicopter , I saw her and kissed her brow because she alone felt and saved us of death but sadly after our saving she returned to mountain to save more of us but the Helicopter fell down but thank god she recovered after some weeks , She took us to Erbil capital of Kurdistan region there they received us warmly and many of international organization welcomed us and treated the patients who were on the edge of death and they feed us well and gave us the tents to living there I met my husband who missed him in the event of Mosul falling he told me that he looked for me for a long time but he failed that made him think that I died with my kids´-or-maybe we prisoners under ISIS control like hundreds of Yazidis especially the girls " .

Without mercy

In an other tent lives " Um Yasir " who lost her husband and daughter in the events she talking for us and her medicine in her hand , Her eyes became red because of crying at the last time for her and her family s members who lost them she says " We were a peaceful family and my husband had a brain clot was with me live happily we work in our farm and my daughter was study in college of Mosel in art faculty but when the story happened she was in house with us and this is the calamity , We got the inform that the ISIS control our village late , therefore we became a easy victims to them when we tried to escape we could not I crushed to up the house when heard the explosions voices then surprised with them standing around our house I came down told the family stay home they are coming when I were talking they entered the house after breaking the door , Started to shooting to sky they were carry many kinds of weapons I get shook of horror they wore the black cloths and bombing belt around body one of them , they asked us why stay home have not escape my husband told them that is our home can not leave it one of them respond if you want your life should leave then the saw my daughter " Rana" the student the leader of them said take her I am afraid run without feeling and put my hand one his shoulder told him with begging and I crying she is virgin and kid leave her she smiled and told me I shall but have some question to her two of the pulled her in front of my eyes and she screaming daddy and mum but we could not do anything , After almost 5 hours they sent one of them order us to leave home´-or-explode it above us when asked him about" Rana" he said do not ask about her she in Mosul now and he said forget her before forgetting yourself go away and save your family then I took my husband and fled to Erbil after the way suffering then my husband died her because of sadness and pain to our daughter ".

Time bombs

Many of teenagers who arrested by ISIS forced to stay under it s control as a future fighters put them in the training camps to learn them the fighting and shooting and how to do the terror operation like making the explosion and carrying the weapons then use it besides the snipe, The real number for them still unknown but reports and guides pointed that they are almost 1500 teenagers, the infants and women have taken away still their fate unknown , Many reports assured that the teenagers of Yazidis facing the bad situation of beaten and insults also hunger and diseases , The extremist leaders see them as an enemies but they planning to make the them the fuel of fire which they plan to ignite it in other places , The victims still under grip of ISIS and the authorities did not something to save them while some people consider them ticking time bombs destroy the future after become a dangerous criminals threatening the region if lasting with these criminal group … according to security authorities .

Unknown fate

Although the Yazidis are minority by number but they got the largest percentage of prisoners under the control of ISIS , International reports pointed to five thousands prisoners most of them girls and kids , The criminals started the kidnapping operation when control of Mosul , At 13 June the extremist group headed to Sinjar the capital of Yazidis , The citizens there fled but many of them could not therefore fell as a prisoners with ISIS such we said at beginning , Many of them forced to be Muslims and the girls became a goods bought and sold so be a wives for the member of the extremist group and because of their numbers are a lot the criminal took many of them to Syria according to witnesses and still there except some of victims who could escape of them .
Who stayed in mountain of men decided to carry the weapon and defending to his relatives of religion sons after the months patience until winter coming and the death reap dozens souls the weapons came of international coalition and Peshamarga but the government of Baghdad did not caring to this thousands suffering like other Iraqis in north and south , The support of the international organization still-limit-ed with this huge disaster, The solution is saving these thousands of innocent not throwing the materials by helicopters .
The story still looking for end returns the prisoner and treats the wounded and wipe the tears of mothers who lost their daughters and sons then reassure the fearful to send the real hope for who sojourned in his homeland without reason .

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