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The controller

Bilal Muqbil Alhity
2014 / 11 / 29

(( In the name of Allah , the most gracious , the most merciful ))
Oh night , why you look so dark?? isn t there a news from the sun ??
I didn t write this novel from imagination , nor from the reality , but from my dreams and all the context about (Hit city) was real , it considered the third oldest city in the world and in some other books considered the second oldest city . the names of the gods in this novel were real names for the worshipped gods in the country of beyond the two rivers and these names were taken from the history . the worshipped god in the ancient Hit city was , the God (Dajan) , the god of asphalt , in addition to the god of Fertilization and beside him the god (Eil) , the father of the gods. Whereas , the story of the king is from the dreams and it s not exist in the reality . I hope my novel to bring the joy and happiness to whom read it .
Bilal Muqbil Alhiti

(Section one)
(( The ancient time ))
Four thousand years ago B.C. ,the country of beyond the rivers was divided into multi-petty countries ,every country was judged by a judge´-or-a king and they called (countries of the city ) . one of these countries was under the rule of a just and adorable king to the old gods who worshipped in this country . this city named (Ad) and the name of the king was (Daniel) and he had a first minister , who was fair too and the king s life mate and his childhood friend and his wife s brother whom her name was ( The queen : Fugha ) . the minister extremely liked his king and never hesitate to defend about him and protect him and punishing who try to hurt him with all the strength he had , his name was ( the minister : Akhan ).most of the nearby cities to (Ad) were under the Acadian judgment and their judges were dictatorial and unjust. Their people who were bearing the burden of their richness throughout imposing taxes which were burdening them, heavy works , prison , and killing everyone dare to talk about the judge´-or-the super power. for the sake of these small countries , king Daniel and his minister Akhan held the war council in the center of Ad s city and this council came out with a decision to attack and free (Adom) city which were two days and a half day away from their city , and it was under the rule of the Acadian control . many of its residents fled and they immigrated nearby to Ad s city and they submitted a request to its fair king to eliminate their city from this despotic judge and they will support him in return with all they can . war drums beaten , after going to the tomb of the father of gods Eil and the god Dajan ( the god of fertility and the god of asphalt . The Asphalt which was specializing Ad s city and one of the most important materials which used in many of the ancient industries. When the king and his minister have taken the agreement of the priest and the blessing of the gods after they presented the sacrifices , the army of the king moved to the city of Adom which was surrounded by powerful fortress from all the -dir-ections . the judge of the city decided to face the king Daniel and his minister Akhan outside of the fences , and that was for two reasons : the fear of surrounding the city and preventing the arrival of the supplies at the suitable time and exhausting of these supplies and the weapons because of the blockade and the second matter was the strength and cleverness of his army in the battles that he passed through while he was opening countries of the cities for the sake of the Acadian country . this judge made a skillful plan to kill the king Daniel . the name of this judge was ( Tikan ).
The two armies met out of the fortress , the king Daniel and his minister Akhan were at the front of their army riding their white horses and putting their armors on , the armors were -script-ed on the right side with the simple of the god Eil and a god was standing between two lions wearing a hat and on the left side of the armor was the simple of the god Dajan who was a half fish and a half man .the king came out with his glorious look to state his encouraging speech to his soldiers , "saying" :
- Right and evil , justice and injustice will meet today . we came and never go back unless we free our people at Adom s city from the oppression of the dictatorial and injustice judges , don’t mercy them , fight them with all the power you have and be knowledge that you are the soldiers of the god Dajan and we never fail down . we will get the victory .
The army were yelling :
- Daniel , Daniel , Daniel .
At this moment the drops of the rain began coming from the sky , the king Daniel noticed that and "said" :
- Pay attention soldiers , this rain is the blessing of the god Eil for this war .
He pulled out his sword and raised it to the sky , meanwhile , king Daniel tried to speak but he couldn’t and he fail down from his horse … two arrows were stabbed in his back , they were shot by the soldiers of the enemy who were hiding in two holes behind the king , the holes were covered by dry palm leaves which look like the ground color .
The minister and some of the soldiers rushed to their king . the minister gave the command to the bows shooters to shoot the enemy soldiers who were running towards their army and they executed the command and killed them down . it was obvious that the judge made his plan to get rid of the king Daniel to leave his army without a leader and to breakdown their wills to make it easy to destroy the army .
The minister and some soldiers carried the king and took him to his tent , the minister ordered to bring the doctor at once .while the king was lying between the minister s hands and his friend " he said " :
- Listen to me carefully Akhan , don t let the battle and never lessen of the soldiers will , go and tell them that your king is ok and commanding you to free the city from the injustice .
- I ll do my lord , I ll never let Tikan lives another day , I ll get revenge for his deed .
- My revenge is the freedom of the city and to treat it s people with justice and love and to join it to our rule ,I feel this is the end .
- Don t say this my lord ,you ll live to free a lot of cities together which are under the control of the Acadian , I promise you .
Akhan was saying these words while his tears wet his shield .at this time ,some of the doctors who were with the army attended . the specialized doctor of the king checked his wounds , Akhan talked to him aside . " said ":
- How is the situation of the fair judge?
- Not good , his wounds so deep and the arrows are poisoned , the poison spreading so fast in his body .
- I ll kill you with your assistants if anything bad happened to him .
The king called with a tired and slow voice "saying "
- Great minister Akhan , come close to me .
- Yes , my lord .
- Don t burden my people what they can t .if something wrong happened to me , this is the god s will. If you want to do something for me , do what I ve told you and free the city .
The minister got out and to his army and said :
- The king is ok and his wounds so simple and he command you to free the city and to revenge for what they did .
The soldiers started yelling
- Long life for the king .
The battle began and the two armies clashed together , the power and the victory was for the king Daniel . Akhan was looking for the judge Tikan in the battle until he found him and they faced together ,then the minister cut off his head at the battle. Tikan s soldiers defeated and the other hiding behind the fortress of the city . the minister asked the people of the city who were calling for help and escaped with him from the unjust judgment for help and they actually presented it and let Daniel s soldiers entering the city from a secret passages inside the city and they killed all the left soldiers and free the whole city .when the minister asked them to do this , he didn t do it with them but he returned back to the king s tent to find his situation gotten worse than before , the minister said to the doctor :
- How is our king s situation ?
- The doctor said nothing ,he just shacked his head left and right as a sign for the bad situation of the king .
The king said slightly :
- Have we won the battle Akhan ?
- Yes my lord we got the victory and there are few soldiers left of the enemy hiding behind the city fence but our soldiers entered to kill them , don t worry .
- At this moment , one of the king s soldier entered and said: we freed the whole city commander .
The king said :
- Thanks god , I can die peacefully now .
The king stopped talking after he said his last words with an extreme difficulty. The minister stepped towards him and said :
- My fair lord .
The king said nothing and blow his last breath .
The minister started crying and yelling :
- My lord, answer me ,why don t you speak my friend and my life mate , speak .
He began shaking the king s body with his hands strongly but the king was dead and never answer . he screamed thunderous scream reached the fortress of the freed city .
The minister carried his king s body and returned to AD city after he left one of his leaders as a judge on the freed Adom city and he asked him to treat it s people kindly and good heart , like the king Daniel ordered him before his death . he reached the city fences and entered from the west gate , there were three doors for Ad city , one from the east , one from the west and another one from the south but there wasn t a door from the north but it was adjacent the river of Euphrates.
The minister was crying and didn t speak along the way , his mind and his heart refused the death of his king , his friend and his sister s husband who was waiting him ,whom the minister doesn t know what to tell her .he arrived the palace and entered with the funeral of the king into his saloon . the queen Fugha came quickly because she saw her brother carrying a wooden coffin and entered with it to the palace .
- What happened brother Akhan ?
The minister said no word except the tears which were flowing from his eyes like the rain . the queen said:
Why are you crying Akhan ?where is my husband? What happened to Daniel? ….. speak up .
The minister didn t answer . the queen stepped towards the coffin and uncovered it ,then she removed the clothe which was covering the king s face to see her husband dead . she was shocked to see him . her brother came beside her and said :
- My sister , your husband is ing not dead .
The queen Fugha faint out on the ground . the minister carried her and put her in her room and ordered one of the servants to bring him some water . the minister sprayed the water on his sister s face until she wake up . "she said" :
- Akhan , where is my husband ? I want him alive .
- Your husband is ing , believe me .
- You promised me nothing bad will happen to him but I see you brought him dead to me .
- No , he is not dead , I ll bring him to you alive whatever it costs . the fair king is blessed from the god … guard: call the father of the priests ( Mardookh) now .
The father of the priests came to the minister and he heard about the death of the king . he said :
- My extreme consolations minister , we all shocked for the death of the king .
The minister got up of his chair and grabbed the priest from his neck and said:
- Listen to me priest , king Daniel is alive and who say the opposite I ll cut his neck off .
- Ok sir , calm down please .
The minister left his neck and returned back and sat on his chair and said :
- Mardookh , you know well , the king is blessed from the gods and he was one of her faithful worshippers. Gods Eil and Dajan will not leave him die like this and he never did something against their will . I want you to find me a way to bring him back to the life.
- But this is impossible sir and never happened that a man died and came back to the life again.
- Don t talk so much , you have a day, if you don t find a way to bring the king alive , I ll kill you and all the priests and ruin the temple of the god and hung everyone prays for it .
The priest tried to talk but the minister prevented him and ordered the guards to get him out from the palace .
The minister ordered them to dress the king with the finniest clothes and he put him on a bed in the middle of the hall , the he sat beside him and waited the response of the priest .
The priest went to the temple and narrated what happened to the other priests . one of the priests said :
- I ve read on one of the ancient panels about a way to get the life back to the body of the dead but it s a very complicated, unsure and dangerous way .
Priest Mardookh answered him:
- Explain this way to me .
The priest began explaining the way in details to Mardookh and after he done , Mardookh took him to the room of the panels and brought out these panels concerning about how to get the dead alive and Mardookh started reading them with the other priests . these panels were so old . the morning came out and the priest with his followers gone -dir-ectly to the palace of the king Daniel then they met the minister who was awake all the night and he stayed beside the body of the king . after the greet , the priest said :
- There is a way to get the king back to the life .
The minister got up of his chair and said:
- Explain it to me in details .
- It s an old way used by the ancient people of the land beyond the rivers and this way is to embalm the body of the king to keep the soul inside it and the body never decay , then we make a simple tool consist of an iron piece like a rectangle , one cubit long with three equal drills , we put it on an iron pole to move it in a circular way and three arms from below and shorter than the rectangle piece which move slightly in an opposite way to the one over it and holding three mirrors to reflect the light of the life inside the king s grave .
- And what is the source of life light ?
- When the whale eats the moon and the stars queue like a sword and when the first beam of the moon shines will fall on the stars sword and the life beam fall from its end on the tool and move it , then to spread inside the grave of the king and the life will come back to him stronger and greater than before .
- When the whale is going to eat the moon and the stares cue as you said ? I never seen this before in my life .
- This what I don t know .
- What do you mean ?
- I don t know when is the moon set nor the stars queue up but I m sure of the result and we ll make some old -script-s which we believe will speed up this process .
- How long will we wait ?
- A day , month , year , I don t know this but the embalmment will keep the king s body and the soul .
- I want a better way in sooner time and ensured .
- If you want to make your threat sir to kill the priests and ruin the temple ,so do it because there isn t another way, and if there is one it has been used by the ancient kings .. but there is a huge hope in our way and the gods will be on our side , I m sure of this .
the minister sat down on his chair and started thinking about the priest s claim and said with himself :
- There isn t another way and if I killed the priests I ll not bring the king back to the life . hope is better than nothing.
The minister said :
- You priest, begin with your followers at once .
The priest Mardookh and his followers got back to the temple , one of the priests said :
- Why didn t you tell him about the risk which may accompanies the process of bringing the dead alive Mr. Mardookh ?
- We are not sure of this risk and if I tell him about it we ll lose ourselves and he ll destroy the temple over our heads , let s begin building the grave and the goddess will be on our side .
The priests embalmed the king s body and put him in a grave out of the fence of Ad s city and they made the simple iron tool and they put it above his grave and the built a high observatory to watch the eating of the whale for the moon and the queuing up of the stars and they waited until the king Daniel to get his life back .

(Section Two)
(( The great eclipse ))
Thousands of years later until year 2006
The American lion eye base which located at AlBaghdadi sub-district which belongs to Hit district at Al-Anbar province , west of Iraq , there were a group of soldiers celebrating of the last day of their friends who accomplished his service at the army , his name ( Luke ) , he was a very awesome guy with big, blue eyes , a yellow-haired tending to be red and a well fame and behavior .his friends were congratulations him for the end of his service and going back home . he had a close friend to him called (Spenser), he said to him :
- You finished your military service and will go home a day later , "what do you say about this war ?"
- War means destruction and I saw what wasn t pleasant . innocent women and kids killed for no reason and other people their possessions were destroyed and burnt and friends for me were taking down at the battle . do you know my dear friend !! I wish I never be a part of this war .
- You still as you are , against the war idea. But you survived of it and you will go soon to drink some of bear at your health .
Meanwhile , the third army corps commander attended , the responsible commander of Luke and his friends . he stopped among them so that everyone stopped moving . he said :
- Congratulations Luck for you military service end , you will leave us a day later .
- Thanks sir .
- But you have a duty of your last day . you must come out with us on a patrol at the evening of this day .
- With my pleasure sir .
- You get prepare and your friends for the mission . go on your celebration until the evening .
The commander gone to his place , at once of the commander leaving ,Spenser said :
- What a bad luck , they never let a one celebrate peacefully .
A patrol of the American forces went out at the evening consisted of an officer, corporal and ten soldiers , one of them was Luke and his friend Spenser who were in an armored vehicle and the other in three Hamvees with drivers towards the area of (Maamurah) which located at skirts of Hit city . they had information about a compile of light and middle explosive devises at this place . the patrol reached this area ,the vehicles stopped beside a small hill located to the east of the ancient minaret for Almaamurah city , the armed soldiers got down with some of the K9 dogs . a while later , the dogs began digging with their legs and barking as a sign for something buried under the ground .the soldiers started digging until they found the weapon .
At this time the American soldiers heard a sound of buzz and gunfire towards them , all of them taken the position of defense and then a mortar shells started falling on them one by one , it seems there were some of the Iraqi resistant people who saw the American patrol and the weapon compile was belong to them , so that they shot the fire towards them .
Luke and Spenser were close to each other , a mortar shell fall on one of the Hammers and destroyed it , both of them injured at the explosion , Luke fall down . Spenser came close to Luke whose wound looked better than Luke , he leaned him on his shoulders and hide behind a small hill , the officer said :
- Turn the lights off .
They turned the lights off and spread in the area to protect themselves , they shot back the resistant people . one of the hammers drivers contacted the base asking for help and to sent a craft support . Spenser said :
- How is your wound Luke ? answer me.
- I don t know . It seems I m bleeding heavily and losing my power .
- Hold on my friend , the support is coming soon .
The mortar missiles were extremely falling close to them . Luke was leaning on his friend s shoulder and running to hide behind a hill. Luke said :
- Leave me Spenser please and save yourself , I feel the death is so close of me .
- We live´-or-die together my friend .
Spenser felt about a moving on the hill which they were hiding behind it , he said :
- Luke ,Creep behind the hill while I defeat the enemy over it .
Luke creped slowly and when Luke turned , Spenser got his gun out and opened the fire on the enemy located on the hill .
Luke was creeping and creeping and suddenly found himself falling in a deep hole and he hit a metal body , then he fall on a thing crashed with his body .
He checked his bucket to find a small torch working by batteries . he turned it on and looked around and found himself inside an old wooden coffin. He felt there was something beneath him . he got up and looked under him to find a covered thing ,he removed the cover and saw an old body looked like a mummy . he so scarred of the scene and tried to get out quickly from the coffin and he pointed the torch towards the path which was inclined and built from long ago but the mortar shells fall on its upper hatch and opened it. at once of his exit from the hole he caught a metal tool over the grave was excellently fixed . he could get out and he put the torch in his mouth and started climbing the bend tunnel which was built of stones but his moving was hard because of the deep wounds .he fixed his foot on the stone and a hand on another and lifted his body , the rock under his foot crashed and he fall again in the tunnel . he slipped until his body turned upside down and he hit the metal tool then he fall in the coffin unconsciously .
His torch fall down which was holding it at his armpit .
Spenser was resisting a time, getting out to shoot and hiding again until the air craft support eventually arrived and the face off ended . Spenser went behind the hill to search about his friend and helping him but he couldn t find him . he started yelling :
- Luke.. Luke .. where are you ?
But he couldn t hear the response , he repeated but in vain until he reached the hole and called inside it :
- Luke , Luke ..are you here ?
But he heard nothing except his voice s echo .
Ten years later , people at Hit city and it s skirts and sub-districts and the villages were waiting for the full eclipse of the moon which expected to occur at the hour twelfth of evening .the eclipse really happened and the shadow of the earth covered the moon completely. during the sunset while the people were looking at the sky some of the stars began moving as they were instructed by a hidden power until they arranged like an ancient curved sword. When the shadow of the earth began vanishing from the moon and at the start of the first light for the moon , a beam fall from it on these stars and this light began spreading on these stars forming a white line until they became like a white sword then thin white light fall from the end of the sword to the earth and everyone was looking to the sky saw what was happening and wondering about this strange phenomena. The white light fall inside the hole which the American soldier fall into it on the metal tool and it began to move the first rural which collected the light on it throughout the three drillings then it moved it to the three arms under it and the mirrors carrying the light reflex on the grave which was beneath it until the grave filled with light and became shiny like a lamp . several minutes later, the white light vanished and the stars scattered in the sky and the eclipse completely finished .this was the king s Daniel grave , the king of the ancient (AD) city which became Hit city after thousands of years . Luke began seeing himself in his dream like in an ancient time and looking at the ancient Ad city and he was seeing his king Daniel and his minister Akhan who were praying for the goddess Eil and Dajan in a fast vision and they were watching the creature Mardookh which moved towards him and talked with him in ununderstandable language , he didn t understand it but the signs of his face didn t comfort Luke . then he aggressively went to the battle of the king to free the city of Adom and he saw the king riding his horse then he saw two persons got out behind him and they shot him with arrows and when they hit the king , Luke opened his eyes to find himself inside the hole which he fall in .
There was a little light inside the grave coming from the hatch of the hole above .Luke checked his torch and found the battery ran out . he got up and checked the body that he has already seen but he didn t find anything except ancient dust hidden under a cover in the floor of the coffin . he looked at the source of the coming light from the end of the whole and he started climbing after carrying his weapon , he put his leg on the metal tool and said :
- What does a simple and ancient tool do in this old damn hole ?
Luke climbed so fast and he was feeling so excited he never feel before , even he jumped a wide step when arrived the edge of the hole which was dusty and there wasn t stones to hold them . his feet touched the land and he take a deep breath and sit down .the time was the dawn and the sun began rising . Luke watched that beautiful scene and remembered what happened to him the last night and he started looking at his body and checking it but he couldn t find any injuries´-or-even a trace for them , he looked at his military suite which was stained with blood and dust but where the wounds gone, he didn t know . he felt there was a change at his body, his muscles were bigger and his skin was a little brown although of his whiteness in addition to the unnatural activity and the power which he feels inside his body .while he was puzzled about what happened to him felt starving , he looked around himself an found a small orchard for a distance from him .he carried his gun and went towards it running in an extraordinary speed until he reached it , there was trees of orange and palms . he began picking the orange and eating it excessively and some of them was not completely peeled until his tummy filled out , then he leaned a side and saw a flowing water in a canal , he went to it and washed his hands , hands , head and some of his stained clothes and drunk some of it but he found it salty and unpotable .remembered that he has a bottle of water in his back bag , he picked it out and drunk some of it , then sat on the land and he began thinking about a way to get back to the base of the lion eye . the people will get out to their works if he delayed more and if they seen him may kill him for the nature of being an American soldier .
He picked a map of his pocket and pulled the knife and located his position from the base after he used the compass which was at the butt of the military knife . knew that he should go west till the main way which called the strategic way . he take off his military clothes and kept the military underwear .he picked his weapon and buried it close to one of the bushes with some of unnecessary objects and took his military bag and picked some oranges and put them inside it , then he put the map and the knife which has the compass discovered the area after he got out of the end of the orchard . he found some of the distant houses and gone towards them to get some clothes in order to hide his American identity. He arrived them and the time was still early , he found a hanged dress on the robe to dray on and he picked some of the well known Iraqi dress which was dishdasha , he picked it up and put it on the military bag . the dishdasha was tall for him but this was better to cover his military shoes . Luke go on to the west towards the strategic way which leads to the American base at Al-baghdadi sub-district . he was running so fast and he wondering about what was happening for him of an extraordinary activity and energy , eventually he arrived to this way and it was deserted because of the continues using from the American forces for this way in addition for that , some of the Iraqi resistant plant explosive charge to blow the American vehicles when they come through .Luke preferred to walk next to the road not on it and this was for two reasons , the first the American troops could see him and consider him as a terrorist and shooting him´-or-may the resistant people see him and talk with him and discover his identity and he will face the death too .he began walking and running and hearing the sound of the American vehicles driving on the way and sometimes shooting. The clouds became clouding in the sky and the drops became falling although of the weather was shiny at morning . Luke take cover in one of the small holes which he found at his way because of the heavy rain . he eaten some oranges from his bag and sipped water , he walked on when the sky stopped until reached the end of the way and the gates of the American base in his sight . he stopped and thought how to enter it . he took off the Iraqi dress and kept the military underwear and put hands up and walked slowly forward until one of the gate soldiers saw him and said to his friend :
- There is a man walking towards the gate , give me the binocular .
He took the binocular from his friend and began looking at Luke and said :
- What is this guy ? is he crazy and why is he walking towards us with his underwear ?
- Give me the binocular for minute.
The guard gave the binocular into his friend and looked through it and said :
- Ooh.. he is wearing underwear carrying the American flag and a military boot too as if he looks not Iraqi , what is this guy ?!!!
The guard picked the radio and contacted the base and explained the situation .
Luke walked more than half of the distance towards the gate . two vehicles came out from the gate towards him and stopped ten meters away from him and two armed soldiers got out of it , one of them said :
- You with underwear , get down on the ground and put your hands on your head .
- I m an American soldier like you .
- Get down and never talk´-or-I m going to shoot you now .
Luke followed the orders and got down on the ground and put his hands on his head . two soldiers came towards him so carefully , one of them put Luke s hand behind his back and cuffed him then shut his mouth and covered his head with a bag then they carried him into the vehicle and drove inside the American base .
(Section three)
(( Survival and home returning ))
The American soldiers entered Luke into a big hall in the base and they removed the bag from his head and opened his mouth , so he could see the officer sitting on a chair , he asked him :
- Who are you ? and what are you doing here ?
- I m a soldier in the American marine infantry .
- Introduce yourself .
- Luke Loather at the third division , battalion two , the first division sir .
- What are you doing outside the base with your underwear ?
- We had a duty yesterday at Hit city and we found a compile of ammo , while we were picking it up , a face off began between us and an armed Iraqis and during this coalition I fall in a hole and I couldn t wake up till the morning of this day .
Then he completed his story of arriving to the base .there was a soldier standing beside the officer , he called him and whispered in his ear , then the soldier gone and a while later came carrying a laptop , opened it and started looking at it , then said :
- The information are true , his name and division ,he is a soldier in our base even his picture matched . look at it .
The officer seen the picture and said :
- But, there wasn t an American patrol at Hit city´-or-it s skirts yesterday .
Luke said
- Check again .
- There wasn t any mission yesterday and the operation you talking about was from ten days ago .
- I m sure it was yesterday .
The officer said :
- Call his corporal and the leader of his division and let them come now to the headquarters . tell them about this situation .
The officer turned to Luke and said :
- If what you have said true , so you are one of this war heroes and we should reward you .
He released him and ordered some food and drink and let him sit on the chair . a half hour later , a vehicle came and three soldiers were inside it and they entered the headquarters and entered the hall which was Luke in it , but the officer was putting his chair in an opposite side , so that , they couldn t notice him .when they arrived to the officer which was superior rank and they began introducing themselves . the first one said :
- Officer Louis , commander of the third division : and took the military greeting .
The second said :
- Corporal Zaid , the commander of the third division . then he took the military greeting .
The third one said :
- Soldier Spenser from the third division . and he took the military greeting .
The officer said :
- Do you know this person ?
He ordered the soldiers to turn the chair towards themselves . when the corporal , the officer and his friend Spenser saw Luke , they didn t believe that he still alive and wondering and surprise were on their faces . the officer , corporal and Spenser said at the same time :
- Yes sir , he is a soldier with us .
Luke stepped ahead to his friends and hugged them one by one and his friend Spenser cried for seeing him alive and said :
- Where have you been for ten days , we looked for you every where ?
- what do you mean by ten days? What happened ! the accident was yesterday .
he narrated his story to them again . when he finished , Spenser said :
- what you have said happened from ten days ago .
the officer and the corporal assured Spenser s talk , but Luke stayed puzzled and wondered of what have been said and he had no idea what to say about what happened through this period .
- I don t remember anything except that I fall in a hole and waked up today . and I came to here as I told you .
- You look so healthy and it seems that your muscles became stronger during this period´-or-it may be from the walking on the strategic way. Hahahaha.
The superior rank officer said :
- Soldier Luke you will get the courage medal because you deserve it .
- Thank you sir .
His friends accompanied him by their vehicle to the division . Spenser was hugging him every while and say :
- I can t believe you still alive , I missed you so much my best friend .
- Thanks Spenser , you are a good friend .
- Luke ! where are your wounds gone ?
- I don t know , I was injured and I felt the blood flowing out of my body but I couldn t find any wounds when I wake up´-or-even a mark for it .
- I got many slivers in my shoulder and chest , look Luke they began healing up and it seems you didn t injured . I m injured and the heaviness of the fire and the mortar rockets made us believe that you were the injured and the blood on your dress was my blood not yours .
- How do you explain my staying in the hole for ten days without food´-or-drink ?!
- This is really strange thing .
- I feel something happened to me but I don t know what is it.
- The important thing you still alive , let me hug you again , I miss you so much .
Spenser hugged him again . the division leader turned to them who was hearing their conversation and said :
- Luke , can you take us to the hole that you fall in?
- Yes sir .
- Ok , we ll go tomorrow .
Luke returned to his barracks and his friends felt so happy to see him again and they celebrated for him. A patrol gone in the morning to Hit – Almaamurah village and looked for the hole which Luke fall in , and he was with them but they couldn t find it . Luke said :
- It rained yesterday and may buried the hole but I ll show you the location of my gun and clothes.
He took them actually to the orchard and picked out his gun and clothes and they got back to the military base . in the evening ,the division leader granted him the courage medal and his friends celebrated for him again . he got on a plane board in the early morning for getting back home .
While Luke was sitting on his seat at the airplane heading to Jacksonville city in the state of Florida which was the city he lived in , picked a picture from his pocket which was for a beautiful woman who was his beloved that he knew from his childhood .although was continuously contacting her but he was longing to see her and to touch her soft skin and kissing her sweet lips , while he was shrouding about her looked ahead to see a bubble . it was transparent and colored with the rainbow colors and it looks like the bubbles which the kids playing with , it comes out by mixing water and soap and its size was a little bigger than the basketball. Luke surprised to see it in the airplane and he touched its wall with his forefinger in order to blow it but he felt there was something pulling him inside it , he withdraw his finger quickly and turned right and asked the person beside him saying :
- Excuse me sir , do you see something strange in front of me ?
The guy looked right and left but there was nothing . he said :
- No , there isn t anything .
Luke surprised much more and it seems that he was the only one who see this bubble . he was so curious and pointed his finger again trying to blow it . he felt there was something pulling him inside gently like the once before . he relaxed and let his hand entering then his shoulder and then his head and shrunk the rest of his body inside the bubble , he found his honey with a strange guy at the saloon of his beloved s apartment and they were taking off their dress so quickly and kissing each other passionately . what he was watching looked like real . he pulled his head out of the bubble and shacked it right and left and rubbing his eyes with his hands .he looked ahead but the bubble was gone . he asked the guy beside him again saying :
- Did you see a strange thing like the kids bubble in front of us sir ?
- What s wrong with you young boy? May be you were dreaming .
At this moment , the airplane hostess said:
- Fasten your seats please , the airplane will landing. Luke got back and fasten his seatbelt and his face gestures were referring to strangeness . the airplane landed and he took a taxi going to his house at Jacksonville and there was his beautiful good brother s wife waiting for him whom her name was Selene and his brother Bin and their kids Bass and Stew . Bass was six and Stew was five years old and they were almost remember their lovely uncle . they were sitting at their house waiting Luke .
Luke knocked the door , Ben said :
- Your uncle arrived boys .
All the family rushed to the door .. Ben opened it and said :
- Luke I missed you my little brother , give me a hug .
Luke hugged his brother and his wife Selene and the kids did the same too. Luke said to the kids :
- You grew up so much babies.
Luke entered the house with a huge love and extreme happiness for meeting his family after a long absence . when he sat down said :
- Selene , Where is Sara ?
- Ha , I don t know , may she is busy with something necessary and important .
- Is there anyone more important than me ? I informed her about my arrival today .
- You are tired of traveling darling , I made you a tasty lunch .
- Why do you avoid my questions about Sara , does something bad happened to her ?
- No , but I don t know why doesn t she come here .
The kid Bass said :
- Come on uncle , let s go for lunch . my mom made all the food you like . come on come on . the kids dragged Luke to the table . they sit all and eaten the lunch and Luke was so happy for the rebound but Selene s talk about Sara didn t comfort him and her face gestures to something . Luke entered his room take rest of his long and tiresome travel . he found his room so nice and arranged as he left at departure . he lied on his bed and picked out his beloved picture Sara and said:
- Why didn t you come my love ? didn t you miss me as I missed you ?
He put the picture a side and felt with extreme comfort and gone in deep . he saw at his ing the same dream that he has seen in the hole in Hit city but what added for it that he was invisible for the others except the priest who came and talked to him with his strange language that he couldn t understand . Luke felt scared and woke up of his . he got up of his bed and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water . his brother s wife came and said :
- Good evening Luke , you slept the whole day , it looks you missed your old bed .
- Hahaha Selene , did Sara call ?
- No she didn t .
- What are you hiding of me ? why don t you tell me the truth ? I feel there is something wrong .
- I don t hide anything about you .
- Is she still at her flat ?
- Yes .
Luke went to the bathroom and had a shower and put his clothes on and took a taxi and went on to Sara s apartment . he arrived there and knocked the door , he heard his sweetheart s voice saying :
- Who is it ? who is there ?
- I m Luke , open the door .
She opened the door and -dir-ectly hugged her and saying :
- My sweetheart Sara , I missed you so much .
Sara was a beautiful young lady with a slim and tall body . she said :
- I m sorry Luke , I couldn t come to receive you .
- It s ok baby .
Luke felt that she wasn t exchanging him the same longing and she tried to go away from him when he hugged her . he said :
- Are we going to stay at the door and talk ?
- I m sorry , come in please .
They entered to the saloon of the flat . she said :
- I ll bring you a drink .
She gone to the kitchen . Luke looked around him and found the saloon was the same even the decoration of the furniture and her bed was the same as he has seen in the bubble in the plane . he felt so worry and began thinking of what he has seen in the bubble . suddenly the bubble came before him . Sara called him saying :
- What do you like to drink Luke ?
He was busy by the bubble , answered her saying :

(Section four)
(( Treason and fact of the bubble ))
When the bubble was in front of Luke , he was hesitated to enter his head inside it to see what was inside it´-or-not . eventually he decided to enter his head. He entered his head and saw his beloved Sara and the same strange person that he has seen him previously at the bubble . they were kissing each other and Sara took off her jacket and began opening the guy s shirt buttons as they were intending to have sex . Luke decided to inter his body . when Luke entered the bubble looked at the wall of the bubble which was vanishing little by little until it completely gone to find himself sitting in the saloon that he already was in . but Sara and the strange guy were -dir-ectly in front of him flirting each other . the strange guy noticed him and got away from Sara and said :
- Who are you ? what are you doing here ?
Sara turned and found Luke watching them , she quickly fixed up her dress and said :
- What are you doing here Like ? your fly four hours later !!
Luke said nothing and his face turned into red and so sad and angry . Sara s boyfriend tried to talk but she prevented him and said :
- It has been two years for your absence and this is my beloved , I wanted to tell you but I didn t want to hurt you in the foreign country .
Luke heard this and wished what he was watching and hearing just a dream not a reality . at this moment ,the bubble showed up again in front of him and he jumped inside it to find himself at the same saloon sitting on the sofa and Sara in front carrying a glass of fruit juice and she put it before him , she looked at him but he wasn t on his nature and not like the same face he entered with . she said :
- What s wrong with you Luke ? you are not natural , what happened to you ?
- Nothing , I feel I m not ok .
- Drink the juice , you ll feel better .
Luke drunk the juice and when he finished , Sara said :
- I want to tell you an important thing .
- Not now , I feel not ok . we ll meet again . I have to go now please .
He goodbye his honey and he was shocked about what has seen was a dream´-or-a reality and how Sara could kiss someone else. He arrived his brother s house and found Ben and Selene watching TV , he greet them , after they replied , Ben said :
- Have you heard the latest news ?
- No , is there something ?
- A sudden high waves hit some seas and oceans which led to sinking of some American ships were sailing through .
- I wish this crises pass over peacefully . excuse me ,I feel so tired , so I ll go to my room .
He went to his room . lied on his bed and began thinking about what happened to him and saying with himself :
- I m I sick ? what is happening to me ? how I go to a past time and come back again ? what are these strange and ununderstandable dreams which I see in my ? are they dreams´-or-imagination ? .
At this time the bubble appeared again in front of him and he decided to go inside it may he know what was happening to him . he entered it and as happened before the wall of the bubble vanished and he found himself inside an old place like a big hall built of mud and clay and there was two big statues one of them a half fish and a half human and the other was a man standing between two lions and there were persons wearing almost clothes made of animals skins covering half of their bodies and kneel to the two statues and there was a man standing in front of them putting up a different white clothes covering a half of his body and he was putting on many necklaces , Luke knew that guy was their leader in addition , this guy was the same one whom he see in his dreams and talking with him in a strange language . the prayer were repeating the same ununderstandable language for Luke . their leader came towards Luke and began talking with him but he couldn t understand anything . the priest became talking louder and Luke felt scared of him and looked for the bubble in order to go back to his time and place but it didn t show up , he confused farther .the people at this hall began coming towards him too and their guidance in the beginning , Luke knew that was a priest and this place was an old temple. the people in the temple were looking at him with an astonishment and stepping towards him carefully . Luke became more confused and looked beside him and found an opened huge door made of wood , he ran towards it and got out of it into a place looks like an old bazaar , there were some sculptors who were making statues and some of them were making plates from pottery and some of them selling cattle and hens , it seems this bazaar from BC . Luke was walking among the people and they began looking at him in an astonishing way especially his dress was different from theirs and his skin was different from their skin too . the people in the bazaar believed that he was a god and they began come close and touching him gently for blessing . he saw the priest among the people and two guys with him wearing the same clothes and carrying two spears and swards . Luke knew they were soldiers and the priest was talking with them and pointing at him . the soldiers headed to him among the people and he escaped before they arrive to him , he was running and saying with himself :
- Where is this damn bubble ? I want to go back home .
The bubble didn t show up in front of him until he stopped running and closed his eyes for a while and thought about his house , when he opened his eyes found the bubble was in front of him . he jumped inside it and found himself at his room . he said with himself :
- Oh my god they were about to catch me . what is happening with me , all this start happening to me since I fall in this damn hole at Hit city and I have to know everything about this city and how I could hold on for ten days without food and drink and all my wounds healed up , why I still silent ? .
He got out of his house to one of internet coffee shop and sat down on one of the chairs and accessed the internet after he entered his personal account . he typed on Google :
- What was the name of Iraq at the ancient time ?
Writing appeared on the screen saying :
- It was called country of beyond the rivers and land of darkness´-or-land of palm trees .
He typed also :
- What was the worshiped god at country of beyond the rivers ?
- The first one was the god Eil who was the father of the goddess´-or-god of the goddess and referred to him by a person standing between two lions wearing a hat .
- The second was the god Ishtar , god of love and sex and referred to him by morning and evening stars together which have eight beans installed on a lion s back with a flower on all of them .
- The third god was Baal , god of sun and the god Ad , referred to them by a god riding a carriage in the sky and wiping the clouds to make the rain fall and his ox mooing to cause the thunder which shaking the world .
- The fourth one was god of breeze and the spring and the wind .
- The fifth god was Dajan , god of the fertility and god of asphalt . they embodied by a half fish and a half human .
Luke stopped reading the rest of the ancient god and focused on god Eil and Dajan and he knew from the result he reached that he was in fact in a temple and the people there were kneeling for their god Eil and Dajan and the person who chased him was priest of the temple . he typed at the internet :
- What are the most famous legends and stories of country beyond the rivers ?
- One of the most famous legends was Gilgamesh.
Luke started reading this legend and he knew it wasn t concern to his situation . he typed at the internet :
- What was Hit city name in the past ?
- It was named Hito and Hitom and became Hit at the modern time . it means the air´-or-the low land and in some old books was referred to it by two letters A and D which represent (Ad) .
He typed too :
- What are the most famous legend and stories in Hit city ?
Some stories appeared but they weren t concern to his matter. He reformed the sentence :
- What are the most famous legend and stories in the old Ad ?
- One of the most ancient stories was the one of the king Daniel and his great minister Akhan .
Then he started reading their story and it was the one which he was searching about . when he finished it . typed on the internet :
- When was the last moon eclipse in Hit city ?
When the answer appeared was the same night he woke up in it at the hole . he knew that he fall inside the grave of the king Daniel and remembered the simple iron tool which they made by the priest and he was dead for ten days and the eclipse and it s first light which brought alive and he was assured of his injury at the battle and the power and the activity which he feels b because of the magic but the bubble wasn t mentioned which he moving through between different times and places . he tried to know it s fact on the internet but he couldn t find answers . he logged out of the internet and got back to his house , entered his room about a specific time and place and focusing in his thinking , then the bubble appeared in front of him . he knew the bubble show up when he think of a specific place and time . he tried to enter one of these bubbles but his brother s wife called him to have the supper and Luke actually got out , while the family were sitting around the table , Ben said :
- Did you hear the news ? the seas stormed again and hit some coastal areas and flooded them . I m scared because we live in a city close to the sea .
Selene responded :
- Don t be scared , if something happened we ll leave at once the government aware us . I m I right Luke ?
- Don t be scared , nothing happened .
Luke hasn t heard our talk clearly and his mind was engaged with what he got of results . he went to his room when they finished their food and he lie down on his bed and he began thinking about his girlfriend Sara and what he has seen of her past and if this bubble was transferring him a real time and place into another´-or-it was just illusion and did Sara actually betrayed him´-or-not . can he control it faster . there was many questions without answers .the door of his room was knocked at this moment. "he said" :
- Come in .
Ben was on the door . he entered the room and sat down beside his brother and said :
- Answer me honestly Luke. What s wrong with you ? I feel you are not ok .
- There is nothing , I m ok but you know I was a soldier in Iraq and I saw unbearable evil and injustice as an accident happened to me lately I want to tell you about .
- Come on Luke , tell me what you got and I ll help you with all I can . do you remember how I saved you when we were students in the school from the students who were waiting on the way to hit you , especially that stupid child named Seizer ?
Ben was keeping talking while Luke began thinking about these old events which Ben was talking about , suddenly the bubble appeared in front of him and he quickly caught Ben s hand and pulled him inside the bubble to find themselves on the old way which was Ben talking about , they were watching themselves when were children and how the little Ben was defending about Ben and hitting the child Seizer who was overstep his-limit-s . the big Ben said :
- What is happening Luke ? where are we ? I m I dreaming´-or-what ?
- No , what you see is true , I transferred you with me into the time and place you was talking about .
- Are you cheating´-or-playing with my mind ?
- No my brother , this is what I wanted to tell you about but I preferred to see in your eyes and I ll tell you the whole story when we go back home . let s now see the end of the kid Seizer .
The little Ben through Seizer in the mud after he beaten him and "said" :
- You bitch , if you tried to hit Luke again I ll kill you . do you understand ?
- Then he accompanied little Luke to their house . Ben and Luke were watching . the big Ben said :
- Can we talk with ourselves when we were kids ?
- Let s try this .
They gone to the little Ben and Luke . the big Ben said :
- hey you , why did you beat this little child and through him in the mud ?
the little Ben responded :
- He beaten my little brother and I beaten him in order not to dare to do this again .
- I believed you beaten him for nothing .
- No sir , this is not the first time he does this.
The big Ben said :
- Do you need any help ?
- Thank you sir we ll go home , it s close .
- Goodbye kids
- Goodbye
The big Ben and Luke let themselves go home , Ben turned to Luke and said :
- Talk and tell me what happened to you and how could you do this ?
- Not now . let s go home .
- Luke closed his eyes and thought quickly and he found a bubble in front of him , he catched Ben s hand and entered the bubble together to find themselves inside a jungle and a group of wolves were running after them . they began running and Ben said :
- Where have you taken us ? we ll be a food for these hungry mouths . find a quick solution.
- Don t talk , you are confusing my ideas .
- Hurry Luke , hurry Luke .
Luke closed his eyes and started thinking of his time and place before the wolves reaching them and the bubble appeared , he caught Ben s hand and jumped inside it to find themselves at Luke s room , inside their house .

(Section five)
(( Treason and strangeness ))
There was group of girls swimming at a big flower and one of them saying to her friend :
- Do you still see your sweetheart in your dreams?
- Yes, I see him every night and talk with him and hug him to my chest and we do whatever we like .
- Hahaha , you live in world of dreams , you must wake up . a guy invited you for this night party , enjoy the reality and the fact .
- When I be with my love in my dreams better that thousands times with another in the reality.
- You are so hard minded , do what you like.
When Luke and Ben returned from their past time . Ben said :
- The wolves were about to eat us . but how you do this , tell me in details .
Luke told him what happened to him I Iraq at Hit city and what he got of conclusions for his situation with details . Ben said :
- What happened to you is a great favorite granted to you by god .
- It s indignation , I feel there is something wrong will happen as I m different of my nature .
- Don t look at the bad side of these options and look at the positive options ,for instance : you can know the prices of stock market and bets whether in gamble´-or-horses racing and in this way you ll be of the rich people in one day .
- What the benefit of the money while I lost Sara . she lessen hardness of the war in Iraq .
- Sara will come back to you regretful when you become rich.
- I don t her love of being rich , I want her love for being Luke only . I love her as Sara without anything .
- Ooooh , you are so tiresome . think of yourself and your brother and his family so far . good night .
Ben got out of the room and Luke began thinking about Ben s talk and he knew what he see in the bubble was true one hundred percent. He started opening the bubbles one after another and go to night clubs and moving between the past and the future and gaining a lot of money . his control on the bubble was increasing every time opens more and he was choosing the place and the time so carefully and go there without any obstacles. He came back to his room at midnight with much money and put them in a big leather bag and put it beside his bed and slept .
He saw at his dream himself opening a bubble and go back to the old city of Ad ( Hit ) and found himself at the same temple .the priest was kneeling for the goddess but this time Luke didn t escape from him, on the contrary , he stood in front of him and when the priest raised head . Luke said :
- What do you want of me priest , why do you chasing me ?
The priest talked with the same ununderstandable language for Luke . Luke said :
- I don t understand you . how will we solve this problem ?
The priest pointed to him and put his forefingure on his mouth as a sign to keep quiet and Luke actually did . the priest began talking with him without opening his mouth . he said :
- You welcome at Ad s city , I m the priest ( the great Mardookh ) . we ll talk through thinking because your language differs from mine . when you want to talk just think about it and I ll hear it and vice versa .
Luke closed his mouth and began applying what heard . he said :
- I know priest why are you chasing me . what do you want of me ?
- I m not chasing you but I see you moving among times and places and there is many danger you don t know .
- If there is danger that because of you and your tool and your idea to bring the king Daniel to life . I fall in his grave and came back to life instead of him after the great eclipse occurred and all this happened thousands of years later . Mardookh sat down on the ground glorifying the two statues of the god in front of him and said :
- Excuse me great God Eil , I ve made a huge mistake .
Then he turned to Luke and said :
- I warn you , don t move among times because there is big dangers will happen .
- I moved through different times and places and nothing happened .
- I m warning you .
At this time , Ben was standing beside his bed in his room and saying :
- Wake up Luke , it s 11 am .
Luke wok up of his ing and said :
- Why don t you let me ing , I slept late yesterday .
- What is this money in the bag beside you and how you got them ?
- I did what you told me and gathered them yesterday night .
- Oh my god , we are rich , I m so happy . ooh I forgot to tell you, Sara is waiting for you at the saloon , go to her while I count the money .
He got up of his bed and put his clothes on , washed his face and knew inside himself that he saw the priest in his dream but it was reality and he could open the time bubble in his ing too . he went to Sara and when reached her said :
- Good morning
- Good morning Luke . have I awaked you from your ing ?
- Never mind . I missed you so much . I spent my service at the army looking at your picture and talk to it and counting the days to come back and marry you .
- I missed you but there is many things developed during your absence .
- Do you mean the blond guy whom you had sex with him in your flat ?
- How did you know about it ? who told you !?
- I just knew about it .all what I want to know is what you did just a desire and you still love me´-or-not ?
- I ll tell you the truth . I love Cruz , the person you talking about but I still live you as a friend no more and I wish our friendship to go on .
- But you was love me before I travel and we were in one bed , what was changed?
- Your talk is true but it I found my soul mate when I knew Cruz , may my talk hurt you but I want to tell you the truth to stay friends .
- Don t you consider yourself as a traitor ?
- No I didn t betray you since we were kids but when I knew Cruz felt with feeling with him never feel it with you before . my love for you could be because of the long company and the childhood we spent together .
- I understood from your talk I was just a friend spent a good time with him and when you found love throw him a side without any thinking of his feelings which he spent with you . admit Sara you are a traitor .
Sara kept quiet and said no word and looked at the floor . Luke said
- Hear me well , I love you from my heart core and I wish you a happy life and because of my love I forgive you for your betrayal to me but for the friendship you talking about will not be exist between us forever and thank you for your visit.
Luke was talking and the tears filling his eyes . Sara got up and he accompanied her to the door and she got out and when he closed the door , leaned on it and hit the wall next to the door with his fist and broke the concrete and his hand broke into the wall then he pulled it . Selene came so rush and she was standing a side and heard everything between him and Sara . she checked his hand but found nothing happened to him . she hugged him and said :
- She doesn t deserve your love , you are a very special guy and you will find who truly loves you.
- What makes me sad, she tries to justify her betrayal .
- I m a woman too and I know well the one of us can not love except one time and what Sara said is not true .
At this moment Ben came out from Luke s room carrying the money and saw his brother unnatural and his wife cheering him up . he put the money on the sofa which was in the saloon and said :
- What happened Selene and what was this sound ?
Ben looked at the wall and was broken . he said :
- Oh my god , how could you break the concrete with your hand!?
Selene said :
- Stop blabbing Ben and tell me how have you got this money ?
- It s not mine , it s for Luke .
Selene looked a strangely at Luke . he said :
- Don t look at me like this . I got it in a legal way . look at the vouchers . I was betting and gambling since I was in the army and I won all this money .
Selene took a look on the receipts and the tickets . said :
- I feel comfortable now .
Luke said :
- It s for you and Ben and your children .
- Thank you Luke but it s so much .
- No problem , you are good hearted and deserve all the best .
Ben said :
- Don t worry Luke , we became rich and the most beautiful women of Jacksonville will run after you .
- I don t look for women but for love .
He entered his room troubled minded . Selene brought him the breakfast and obliged him to eat some then got out . Luke was confused and began opening bubbles and checking them up by entering his head inside them and he saw some battles he participated in and in another people were dancing and others gambling and a loud noise . he got out his head from both of the two bubbles and entered another one to see a high place surrounding by water from all sides and amazing and strange plants and big flowers Luke never seen before like love heart and some people inside them carrying books , he knew it was a school . he felt there was something inside him pushing him to go there . he actually entered the bubble and found himself in this building facing a path about three meters wide . he walked through it inside and was looking around and all the people walking with him in the path were girls looking at him astonishing and strangeness and they were whispering among each other .Luke turned right and left trying to find a young man´-or-a man but he couldn t see anyone except the girls. he reached the end of the path and entered into a big hall crowded with girls and there was many books . knew that he was in a library in a schools for girls only . he began thinking to get back to his time , the bubble appeared in front of him and when he tried to enter it .. a girl faced him and her rounded and white face was vivid with youth and her honey eyes and her short black hair . her right hair was touching her pinky cheek but the other was short . she said :
- How you arrived here Luke ?
Luke looked at her carefully but he don t know her and never see her before . he said :
- How do you know my name miss ?
- You are my love and my dream knight .
- Get away from me , I had enough of what happened to me from you .
Luke tried to enter the bubble but the girl faint out . two girls stepped towards her to pick her up but they couldn t , one of them said begging :
- Please young man , you look brave and good hearted carry our friend to the doctor room , she is outside and we can t carry her.
The girl s talk affected Luke s feelings and he knew they couldn t carry her , so that he changed his mind to enter the bubble and it gone . he carried the girl on his arms and headed to the path and one of her friends was showing him the way to the doctor s room which located outside . whenever he passed beside group of girls heard them saying :
- Who is this guy, who carrying the girl on his arms and how he entered here ?
Luke was looking at the girl and wondering how she knew his name and he assured that he hasn t see her before . he arrived the doctor s room but they found nobody . one of her friends said:
- Put her on the bed , I ll go to bring the doctor .
Luke put her on the bed . she opened her eyes and said :
- I don t need a doctor , I will recover at once if my love Luke kissed me .
- How do you know my name ! I m sure I never see you before .
- You have to kiss me if you want to know this . what s wrong with you , don t you find me beautiful ? look carefully at my face and I m sure you ll know me inside yourself .
Luke looked at her face and felt her talk was coming from her heart and this made him carious for her knowing for him . so he kissed her on her lips and when he done said :
- Tell me now how you know my name ?
- Do you believe if I told you from the dreams ? I see you every time in my dream and ask my friends over there . I tell them what I see .
- What you say is wondering and unfamiliar .
- Don t be wondered . as I know your story with Sara and your brother and his family .
- In what time we are ?
- We are in 2211 .
- Luke got back and said :
- It seems I will go mad .
He opened his time bubble and got back to his house and he was shocked for what he has heard .
The girl on the bed said to her friend :
- Where is Luke , where is Luke and how he disappeared so fast ?
One of them said :
- He suddenly disappeared . what we see and hear from you and your friend is beyond the-limit-s of reasonable mind .!

(Section six)
(( New beginning ))
In the evening , Luke was training at one of the nearby sports gyms of his house , while he was practice lifting weights game and lying on his back , the young and pretty girl s image and her talk about these dreams which she see him in, never go from his mind . he was lifting the weights and put them down and push them up and put them down again so easily . the responsible person on the gym was an old friend for Luke . he began adding weights gradually and Luke lifting them so easily without noticing what was his friend doing . all the people in the gym noticed him but he was shrouding about this girl . he decided to go to year 2211 and talk to her again . he stopped lifting weights and got his body up to find all the trainees were around him and looking at him wondering then they started clapping for him . his friend , the owner of the gym said :
- Your body gained a huge power . I never see anyone before lifting weights so easily like this.
- I was training everyday while performing my military service in Iraq .
- It s the army then ?
- Yes , see you .
Luke got out of the gym and stopped at one of the small restaurants for selling hamburger , he ate until full and gone to his house . when he entered , his brother s wife received him . she said :
- Shall I prepare you the supper ?
- Thanks , I have had hamburger on the way , I ll get some rest in my room .
He entered his room and put on a nice clothes , then opened the bubble of 2211 and entered it .he stopped in front of the girls school and it was evening and the scene was one thousand more beautiful than at the morning . he walked through the street facing the school until one of the walkers met him and said :
- I want to talk with a girl from this school . how can I do this ?
- You look strange of this place . keep walking ahead until you find a building consist of multi floors on the right . this is the dorm of this school .
- Thank you .
Luke began walking and looking at these big and beautiful flowers and to the wonderful green and the buildings were formed in a wonderful simple geometrical shapes . he kept walking until he arrived to the dorm of girls school .
While he was walking going and coming in front of the door , one of the girls who was with the girl who faint out . she went so fast looking for her friend and when she found her reading at her room . "she said" :
- Hurry up Carly , your guy on the door of the dorm .
She throw the book from her hand quickly and jumped of her place and said eagerly:
- Is it true ! Luke is here ? I ll kill you Sicilia if you lying to me .
- I m saying the truth , come and see by yourself .
- I believe you , we must get him inside . come with me for help .
- Are you crazy ? they will punish us if know about it .
- I don t care , I have to meet him and talk with him .
She got down with her friend from the second floor and when they reached the first floor which the teachers live in , they creped carefully . Sicilia was watching at the teachers floor in case of happening something wrong whereas Carly got out and opened the main door carefully and said with calm voice :
- Luke come here .
Luke stepped towards her carefully and said :
- Why are you whispering , I just wanted to talk with you ?
- Come closer .
He came closer and she pulled him so fast and shut the door . he said :
- Take it easy .
She answered whispering :
- I m sorry , we must go to my room at the second floor .
- Why are you talking quietly as we are thieves?
- If the teachers knew about your existence will call the police and put you in the jail and they will punish me . we need to go softly to pass the first floor of the teachers . one of my friends will help us . you know her name is Sicilia .
- Why are you risking ?
- For you honey and my dreams knight . but now stop talking and let s go to my room . she taken him inside and with the help of Sicilia who was watching the way until they passed the first floor safely and without noticing of anyone . they entered the second floor and he -dir-ectly heard the noise of the girls coming from their rooms which were in a path of two meters wide on a rounded shape and the faced girls rooms were on its side.. Luke was walking between Carly and Sicilia and watching the institution girls inside their rooms , one of the rooms was a group of girls playing and laughing and hiting each other by pillows and in another were putting make up and dressing just the underwear and some of the girls were walking in the path and say :
- Who s this awesome guy ?
- He s my honey Luke .
Before he arrives to Carly s room , one of the students was wearing transparent clothed the looker can see her underwear through it and she was standing on the door and putting her elbow on it and her hand on the cheek and standing in an inclined way . she said :
- Carly , isn t this the guy who carried you today at the institution ?
- Yes , it s him , his name s Luke and he s my sweetheart . doo you mind ?
- Don t you afraid if someone roosted you ?
- If one of you dare to talk , I m going to kill her tomorrow morning . do you hear ?
Luke was embarrassed of the scene but was happy inside himself because of being among this number of beautiful girls . they arrived to Carly s room , entered it and closed the door .one of her friends was sitting in the room on one of the beds and her name was Aqua , she surprised to see Luke entering the room with Carly and Sicilia . she kept quiet , Sicilia sat beside her whereas Carly turned to Luke and hugged him and kissed him as assign of pleasant . she said :
- Oh my god , you are with me here in the same room , I feel I m in a dream .
Aqua got up of the bed and punched Carly from her shoulder . Carly said :
- Ah ah , what are you doing ?
- To be assured you are not dreaming , it s real .
- What are you doing and Sicilia here ? get out of the room now .
- Please Carly , we want to know what will happen between you . we promise you to be silent and never tell a word .
- Get out now´-or-I m going to take care of you because you will outside of this room .
- How unjust you are , let s sty .
- Get out´-or-I ll beat you .
They got out of the room and closed the door behind them . Carly tried to kiss Luke again but he stopped her and said :
- Please , I don t know who you are . I want you to tell me how you know me and my family .
- Really , how did you disappear from the doctor room so fast ?
- Don t be rush , answer my question first .
- As I told you from dreams , we are lovers and you talked to me in my dreams and told me everything happening to you and we having sex together and spend good times . I ll tell you a secret , you have a nice mark under your chest , made by a small bee .
Luke been silent for awhile and side with himself :
- Why I m I wondering , I m moving between the time and place however I want , my story stranger than hers .
Carly said :
- Where have you gone ?
- So , your name is Carly and I m Luke .
- I know that sweetheart . I still can t believe I m a wake .
- Listen to me Carly , what you say could be right but this is the first time I see you in this morning .
- You have a huge love for me and this love which brought you to me this morning .
- You look so smart girl and I can t go along with you .
- Let us of this talk and let s live the moment . let s sit on the bed kissing each other and having sex as we do in the dreams .
- I can t , I don t know you as I said .
- Ok , I ll introduce you to myself . my name s Carly Jams , I m twenty and I m still a student at the institution of computer science and the second class of swimming .
- What is the connection between computer science and swimming ?
- Ha ha , there is no one ignoring the answer .
- Tell me please .
- I ll tell you , any school must be accompanied by swimming , don t you see we live at an island and in some times we face storms , so that we can save ourselves if we can swim well .
He couldn t connect her talk but he considered his question wasn t important . Carly said :
- you like swimming too , you told me .
- yes I like it but I didn t practice it from long ago .
she held Luke s hand and put it on her heart and said:
- hear my heart hits saying Luke, Luke ,Luke .
- such a foxy .
- I m not a foxy but I love you and I m waiting the night impatiently to see you and hug you because I never loved anyone except you ,ask Sicilia and Aqua if you don t believe me because I tell them everything was happening between us .
The door opened at this moment and Sicilia said :
- What she is saying is true , look at her carefully and you ll see the love shining from her eyes and flowing from her veins .
Carly said :
- You snakes , you still behind the door and hearing our talk , I ll beat you up .
Luke said :
- Not now , I have to go .
- Why don t you sty tonight with me honey and tomorrow will go for swimming with the best teachers and swim in the big Suzen flower ?
- Ok , let me go now and I promise you to go with you tomorrow . I ll be waiting for you at the gate of the dorm .
- I need a last demand .
- Go ahead .
- Close your eyes
Luke closed his eyes and Carly kissed him and he stay still at his place without any moving as if it was an agreement for this kiss and when she done . she said :
- Yes this is my sweetheart Luke , let s get you out of here .
- I don t need this , I ll go out from the window .
- It s so high , you may get hurt .
- Don t be scared , watch me how I do this .
Luke opened the window and started jumping on the building so easily in a sports way attracting the viewer until he stood descended on the ground , turned to Carly who was surprised of his way to get down and shacked his hand for her . she shacked her hand in her turn too , he walked away and when became out of her sight opened the bubble of his time and got back to his house and Carly s talk still in his head and he feels the faith of her talk inside himself and remembering her kisses and her moves and smiling . but he still under the effect of Sara s treason and his heard hasn t recover yet . he lie down on his bed and slept when it became confusing until the morning . he woke up early and had his breakfast and took his swimming clothes and opened the bubble of Carly s time and her island and entered it . Carly was waiting for him in front of the dorm . he walked towards her , she felt that he was walking on her heart beats . he arrived her and she hugged him , Luke felt with a warmth and sympathy . she said :
- I was afraid you may not com .
- I promise you and I do my promises . let s go for swimming .
They went to swimming club walking on feet and Luke was asking her about the names of strange trees and flowers which he was watching and Carly was answering him with names he never hear before . she said :
- Your questions are strange and your dress stranger , they look old but they are new . you look from the past´-or-from a strange place !
- Didn t I tell you in the dream ,where am I from ?
- No , you didn t .
Luke escaped from the answer and said :
- Where is this flower you told me about ?
- Look over you .
He raised his head over to see a yellow huge flower, it s size like a pool and was fixed on a wide , green leg tending to be brown . he said :
Where are you from ? are you a dream´-or-real ? you started scaring me .
- Don t be afraid , I m in front of you , you touch me and I touch you . you talk to me and I talk to you . but now tell me more about this flower ?

(Section seven)
(( Adventure ))
Luke and Carly began getting on the edge of the flower and they chose the ladders although an elevator was there in order to tell him about the features of this flower . she said :
- Suzen flower has feature of balance and gravitation in addition to extreme flexibility .
- Clarify more .
- It s the biggest existed flower in the world and it has gravity from all sides , so that if it bend right´-or-left the water and the swimmers will not fall down and because of the trunk flexibility it get the balance so quickly in case of bending it without any harm .
- How does this flower bend ?
- There is some old trainers can reach the edge of the flower to the ground in a way no one knows it except them . the trunk extremely curved and return back to its natural situation without any damage .
They reached the edge of the flower and it was a very awesome place surrounded by nature from everywhere and the size of the flower was amazing from the top whereas the looker can t recognize it as a flower but a very big pool .behind the flower on the right was a high place under it different trees , then the sea comes after it and the area with border the sea from the high place , so that the ordinary person can t jump into it . but the unfamiliar thing it s color was brown and there wasn t any action in the sea , on the other hand , it s coast was deserted , Luke couldn t recognize it . he asked Carly saying :
- What is this far brown color ?
- It s the sea .
- Why does it look brown and there is no movement´-or-life ?
- It s real color blew but what you see is the appearance of the Albana animals . you got back to your strange questions as you ware from another planet . I want to ask you many questions too .
- I ll answer all your questions at the suitable time but answer me please now , why don t you eliminate of these animals ?
- It s the source of our food in addition to the many and multi other benefits which enter in different industries .
- How do you swim in the sea then ?
- My life dream to swim in the sea but the Albana block it so that we can t , unless we go to the mid of the sea because there is no Albana there .
- You puzzled me , didn t you say every student in this school must be a very skillful swimmer ? why do you learn swimming ?
- We learn swimming out of the sea in order to in case of accruing a high waves hit the place we can go to the depth and hide in the shelters .
- I can t understand you but I can jump from this high place and get the animals away with my hands and swim in the sea .
- Don t ever do this because you are going to die . these animals weight hundreds of tons and they will block the surface and you die sinking .
- Why are there shelters in the bottom of the sea?
She tried to answer but a person comes with some boys and arrived to them and interrupted them .
- Good morning Carly , my favorite girl .
- Good morning uncle Rimond , I hope you doing well .
- I m good , who s this guy with you ?
- He s my friend Luke . Luke this is uncle Rimond
Luke said :
- Nice to meet you sir .
- Me too . do you like to swim with my students ?
Carly answered :
- He came for that . I promised him to swim together but I have a muscle tension so that I can t swim , sorry Luke .
- Never mind .
Uncle Rimond said :
- So , Luke take off your clothes and come with me .
Uncle Rimond with his students moved on and jumped into the flower .
Uncle Rimond was about forty years old and he has white hair but he was good looking and tough .
Luke said :
- Who is uncle Rimond Carly ?
- He s my father s friend and he s the person who took care of me after my father s death , In addition , he s one of the university teachers but he s fond of the sea and studying of waves and students training of his priorities .
Uncle Rimond was calling :
- Come on Luke , take off your clothes and jump ,water is wonderful .
Luke went to the place of lockers and put on swimming clothes which were different and old fashion , this place was so near and Carly was waiting , when he got out she was looking at him and smiling for his clothes and she was charmed about his awesome muscles which look strong .he didn t jump from the ground to the flower but looked for the high jumper and he gone up to it. Carly was watching him until he arrived to the edge , he shacked it with his feet edge and raised in the air and curved his body and jumped into the water upside down , it was a special and nice jump . Carly s eyes still on him while he swimming greatly and diving in the water for long times which attracted the boys attention who were swimming inside the flower . one of them came forward to and asked him :
- You swim so good but not like the trainer Rimond .
- Thanks , but I m best of the world swimmers .
- Who are you ? I know all the best swimmers ?
- There is no need to know my name but look at these actions and you ll know me the best hahaha.
Luke started swimming quickly and doing strange and heavy moves attracted all the boys .the talker with Luke gone to the coach Rimond and Luke looking at him . he started talking with uncle Rimond and Luke saw the Uncle shaking his head as a sign for agreement about something , then they gone towards him and Rimond said :
- Luke , you may be a good swimmer but not enough to defied me . I m the coach Rimond and my students like to see me defeating you in swimming . do you agree the challenge ?
- The coach s talk excited Luke , in addition, he wanted to catch Carly s admiral . he said :
- Let s begin .
- Ok , we ll begin the race from the edge of the flower to the other edge and who return first will be the winner .
One of the students begins yelling :
- Competition , competition , competition .
The students who were swimming in the flower cued up to watch the competition and Carly was watching too . one of them said :
- Start the racing .
They go so fast and Luke was speeding his competitor in a short distance but he could make it longer but he wanted to keep the dignity of the coach in front of his students and to make the racing natural , he kept this distance until he reached the other edge and he was the winner . when he arrived , stopped and raised his head to see all the people around him were not happy and looking at him with astonishment except Carly who was jumping of happiness for her sweetheart winning .
- You win because I m an old man but I dare you in other skills .
Luke felt so excited and the love of competition without knowing what was these other skills but his confidence of himself and the power inside him pushed him to accept the show . he answered :
- I agree , show me these skills coach .
The coach started swimming so fast and beautiful way beside the wall of the flower and Luke was watching him so carefully . the coach kept swimming till he arrived to almost the middle of the flower then he jumped and put his right leg on the wall of the flower and followed it by his left leg and got up over the edge and stretched his body and it seems he started pressing on the edge , then opened his arms in a horizontal way and the flower curved to the ground and who were inside it began see the ground coming close to them until the external wall of the flower touched the ground without a of water falling´-or-anyone of the people inside it because of the balance and the gravity . Luke remembered all Carly s speech which she told him before . the coach removed his feet from the flower s wall and returned inside and the flower returned little by little to its natural position. uncle Rimond said :
- Can you do this ?
Luke looked at the coach then began swimming and do like the coach did before on the internal wall and the flower began curving towards the ground faster than the coach did , when the flower reached more than half of the distance and closing to the ground ,Luke felt that the stock of the flower will not bear his pressure scarred about the people inside it because he know how strong he was but although the trunk was enduring the pressure he decided not to risk with the people and removed his feet from the wall and got into the flower and the coach was focusing on his acts . the flower began getting back to its natural position and when it settled , Luke looked at Carly and she was stopped jumping and she was disappointed and the winning was for the coach . the students started gathering around him and yelling :
- Rimond , Rimond …..
The coach swam beside Luke and said :
- You could be a skilful swimmer but I m the king hahaha.
Luke was looking at Carly and she was unhappy and the coach s talk provoked him and he became swimming so fast and unnaturally even the waves which he was making from his side during his swimming were moving the people inside the flower and he was behaving unwisely and all the people were looking at him and he jumped from the pool to the ground unordinary jump and gone to a high place and his eyes were looking at the sea. He looked at Carly from far distance who knew his intends . "she said loudly" :
- Don t do this Luke , you will fall on the ground , please don t .
Luke smiled slightly and began running so fast and jumped a long jump ,no natural human being can do it and aimed the place which he wanted to descend in the sea and he curved his body and put his hands in front of his head and when his hands touched the Alabama, he pushed them strongly whereas the animals gone inside the water and they were flipping one on another and made a gap for himself which let him enter the sea water and the animals returned back to its previous position .Luke turned his body and opened his eyes and although the saltiness of the water it didn t hurt them .he looked at these animals and there tummies were white and their kids were sucking milk from their mothers . he began touching and plying with the infants . he looked down and saw lights inside these buildings . there was many offices and computers on them and other devices not familiar to Luke . while he was looking and holding his breath without any effort saw Carly getting down to him so fast on the ladders at the end of this place and heading to him quickly , she talked to him at once of her arrival but he couldn t hear anything but he understood that she wanted to make sure of his safety . he referred to her with his toe as a sign to be ok , then she gone and to have a seat on one of the offices and turned the computer on . a while later , she the glass which he was looking through it and entered with the sea water inside the room ,then the glass closed again and the water vanished inside the floor of the big room . Carly came to him quickly and crying , she hugged him and saying :
- Are you ok baby , is something wrong happened to you ?
Her talk was mixing with her crying and comes out of her larynx in a seducing way . Luke said :
- Don t be scarred , I m ok , I m able to get the Alabama a way with my hands and get out to the ground .
- You crazy , how you risk with your life , who permitted you to do this ? I found you from nothing and I don t want to lose you .
Luke felt about her huge love and catched her head and wiped her tears from her cheeks and kissed her from her beautiful lips and she did in her turn . he felt the love coming from his inner and Carly s depth . when he finished the kisses kept looking at these beautiful eyes until he heard a man voice on the stairs , he looked to see uncle Rimond with three men were putting on similar clothes heading to him and they flipping him right and left but he was ok . the coach Rimond said :
- Are you ok ?
- Yes , I m alright .
Luke got up of his place and Carly on his side . the coach referred with his head and the men to got out of the room . he said :
- How could you do this it was so far ?
- I felt inside myself I can jump and I did .
- You are crazy but goodhearted , I knew you could win and make the flower touch the ground but you didn t for a reason I ignore . you may to keep my dignity in front of my students , for this I came to make sure you ok , and Carly the daughter of my dearest friends .
- Thank you coach .
- Nice to meet you and I m happy because I never meet a bold man like you .
The coach goodbye them and got out of the room . Luke looked at the place around him and said :
- Where are we Carly ?
- You are at the main center to facing the waves and beside us the shelters which we hide in it and watching the sea waves , tide and the ebb .
- Why is it under the water instead of the ground?
- We returned back to the strange questions .
- Answer me please .
- Ok , I ll answer all your questions , let s go to a nice place to have lunch and talk .
- Ok , let s go .
They got out of the room , changed his clothes and got out the club to the restaurant .

(( Section eight ))
(( Confession ))
Luke and Carly were walking to the restaurant . Luke said :
- Yell me about these waves which hit your island and how you deal with it .
- We make an adverse artificial waves shorter than the natural waves at the watching center you have seen by explosion but they are faster than the natural , the artificial waves hit the base of the natural before its arrival to destroy it and vanishing in the sea .
- What is the height of these waves ?
- They reach sometimes about a hundred meter´-or-more and they holly destroy the island in case of reaching it . we arrived , this is the restaurant , let s get in .
They entered the restaurant and had a seat on one of the tables , when the waiter came . Carly said :
- Bring us two plates of Albana meat with salad .
- ok , miss .
the waiter gone to bring the food . Luke said :
- since when these waves hit you ?
- since my mother born me and before my mother and my grandmother , I don t know .
- hahaha I don t mean that but as I know there was a large land and the wasn t an existence for these waves .
- hundreds of years ago and according to my knowledge about these waves which my uncle Rimond told me about , these waves started hitting the earth almost in 2007 and they began increasing until the water covered the big cities and sunk them and didn t leave nothing of the earth except the heights and these waves changed the world map and the life forms on the earth of plants and , animals and other things .
Luke flash back with his memory because he is in 2007 and remembered his brother s (Ben) conversation about high waves caused sinking of an American ships and hit some countries coasts . " Luke said " :
- what the reason behind these waves ?
- No one knows exactly knows the reason . there is number of theories , one of them : the increasing of heat degrees because of the gap in ozone atmosphere which led to the heat increasing and the melting of ice and the religious theory because of the lacking of faith and other theories but there isn t a specific , scientific and familiar reason to anyone till now.
At this moment , the waiter brought the food and put it on the table . " she said " :
- Enjoy the testy plate of Albana my sweetheart.
They started eating but Luke was thinking about her talk specifically the year of 2007 which was his time but although he was eating without showing her his wariness and the food was really good , he ate enough to be full . they got out after that and Luke said :
- Why didn t you go to you institution today ? I wish I m not the reason .
- No we have rest today and tomorrow .
- Ok then , show me your beautiful island .
Carly accompanied Luke to the awesome places in her city of gardens and parks and they gone to the fun land and played games there . he was so happy when he hold her hand´-or-hug him when she feel scarred during laying games until he forgot what happened to him and even Sara did not come to his mind . he arrived her to the door of the girls dorm when the evening came and said:
- Thank you Carly , the time passed so fast and I spent a very happy day with you .
- Don t thank me , you are my sweetheart and my dreams knight. Will you come tomorrow ?
- Of course I will come tomorrow .
- It s my day , you ll stop you questions and I ll ask you .
- Ok , see you .
- Not like this .
She hugged him tightly and kissed him a goodbye kiss and " said " :
- This is the goodbye on my island .
Carly entered the girls dorm and Luke opened the bubble of his time and returned back to his house , Ben was waiting for him and at his entrance Ben said :
- Where have you been Luke , there is a bad news .
- Take it easy Ben . what happened ?
- There is high waves hit some Europe and Asia coasts and completely sunk them , the American government concerns of these waves arriving to us and as you know , Florida state is a coastal area and will completely sink .
- Don t be afraid , we have the money , time and place , be assured .
- Thanks Luke , I know you ll not leave us but why don t travel to the future to make sure of this ? please .
- I m tired now , let me have some rest and we ll talk later .
Luke entered his room and started thinking about his brother s conversation in addition to Carly s talk and he was afraid about his family . he started opening many bubbles and entered his head in the first one to see his city covered with water and this will happen few days later less than ten days . he was terrified of what he has seen and began talking with himself saying :
- Oh my god I ll miss all who loved my city , my family and my friends , I have to do something . I can control the time and the place so that I can save the city but I must know the reason first . I ll go back to Carly s time . Luke practiced to open time bubbles and to minimizing and enlarging them and everything he wants to do , so that he determined the time and place which was the date day between them .he entered the bubble to find himself in front of the girls dorm , turned right and left but he saw no body´-or-any movement as if the earth swallowed the people there . Luke heard loudspeaker saying :
- The last call , everybody outside should come to the shelters now because a while later the research center and the shelters gates will be locked.
Luke walked so fast to the research center , the coach Rimond saw him on the watching cameras and got out to him and said :
- What are you doing outside Luke ? come to the shelter quickly .
- I m looking for Carly .
- She is inside .
They entered the research center and gone to the shelters searching for Carly and found her . the coach left them . Luke said :
- Why everybody is here ?
- Say good morning first and the second stop the strange questions and third you ll tell me about yourself my dreams man .
- Hahaha .
At this moment he heard the speakers inside the shelter saying :
- The explosion will begin after the countdown.
Luke said :
- About what explosion he talk ?
- About the artificial wave I told you about it yesterday .look at the screen and you ll see everything by yourself .the person who was talking through the speaker counted to number one and zero then a furious quack occurred , Luke and the people around him felt about it then the wave appeared on the screen increasing higher and higher and in the other side a huge waves like a aggressive monster were fearfully roaring , Luke knew it was the natural waves and the first were the artificial waves and a while later , the artificial short waves hit the base of the natural waves and divided it . the highest natural wave fall in the sea and vanished and after that he heard clubbing from the people in the shelter . the speaker said :
- The mission successfully done , you can get out.
The people walked out but before their arriving upstairs heard the alarm again . " Luke said " :
- What s happening Carly , why the people returned back inside ?
- I don t know , I think it s another wave .
They got back inside and it was really another wave and they eliminated of it in the same previous way . " Carly said ":
- Do you know Luke .. this is the first time I see a consequences wave .
- What is the consequences wave ?
- When more than one wave hit the coast , two´-or-three .
- How many waves can you destroy ?
- Five . but the island will be completely destroyed if they were more .
- Did this happen before ?
- No , the highest average for the consequences waves in the world is three .
Everybody got out of the shelter . Luke and Carly gone to a close place to have coffee . during their sitting Luke said :
- Tell me more about these waves .
- I ll say nothing , you promised me and you said I do my promises . this is my day , I ll ask and you answer .
- Hahaha , go on .
- Who are you , where are you from and why don t you know anything of what happening around you ?
- Enough , enough I ll tell you everything but you must promise me first not to tell anyone unless I permit that .
- I promise .
Luke told her his story in details and after he finished Carly was silent and looking at his in a strange way . "Luke said " :
- Where are you Carly , why you look so shrouding , don t you believe me ?
- Ha , no I believe you but what you say is strange , how could a human travel among times and places.
- How could a girl see her dream knight and talk with him and know many things about him as if they real ?
- You are right , I heard about a person called the controller of time and place but in dreams´-or-in reality ?? I m really confused .
- I ask you honey to take me to your time and your place , I want to see the earth before sinking .
- As you like .
- Now , I want to go now .
Luke opened his time bubble and pointed a nice street in his city and pulled Carly from her arm and said :
- What do you like the time to be ?
- Like our time this .
Luke entered and Carly with him inside the bubble and gone to the most beautiful street in Jacksonville and when they became among the people Carly saw the traffic jam and the goodness of the atmospheres which touched her feelings and "she said" :
- Oh my god , this is a beautiful thing like magic . so this is the land before sinking , it s full of activity and energy . show me it .
He accompanied her to the most beautiful places in his city and gone to one of the malls and she bought some nice and old fashion clothes in her eyes then Luke called his brother s wife on his cell phone and after saying hi . "he said ":
- Dear Mrs. Ben , would you prepare a delicious supper of your hands made please .
- Mrs. Ben ? what s there Luke, who s with you ?
- My favorite girl , I want you and Ben to know her .
- Oooh , didn t I tell you ,, you ll find a special girl , I ll be impatiently waiting for you .
- Ok baby , see you .
Luke and Carly got back to see other places in his city and they were having some snacks until the evening came and went to the house . Mrs. Ben was waiting for them and the other members of the family and he introduce her to his family at once of their arrival and they meet her with much love and respect . they had lunch together and Selene was so happy because Luke found his girl and Carly was happy to and loved Ben s kids and played with them so much . after they had the pies " Carly said " :
- Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Ben , I felt I ve been with my family .
Selene said :
- We thank you because we never see Luke happy like this before since he returned from Iraq .
Luke said :
- Come with me I ll show you my room .
They went to his room and he introduce her to it . " she said " :
- Your room so nice but you the most beautiful thing in it .
She stepped towards him and hugged him and began kissing him from lops then from his neck and opened his shirt buttons and then pushed Luke on the bed and had sex . when they finished Carly turned on the bed and said :
- I m so happy , let me stay here with you forever please , I don t want to go back to the island , I feel I m in my home .
- I don t want to hurt you but I must be honest with you , this city and everything on it will go forever few days later .
- She got up quickly from the bed and said :
- What are you saying Luke ? this is the reality and the waves will hit it soon .
- Oh my bad lick , I thought I found new home but I lost it faster than I imagined .

(Section nine )
((Solution beginning ))
The smile and pleasure gone from Carly s face when she heard that the waves will hit Luke s city and they stayed silent for awhile . "Luke said " :
- Hear me well , I can control the time and place , I got this talent in the oldest city in the world and I feel I can save the earth if I found the reason of these waves . help me .
- As I told you before , there are many theories but not assured and no one could know the reason although of the researches and the different scientific missions . why don t we search in your time , it s the beginning of the disaster .
- Ok , let s go to internet shop and search together .
They got out of his house and gone to the a near internet coffee shop of his house and searched seriously but they couldn t find a result until they bored . " Carly said " :
- I have an idea , let s go back to my island and ask uncle Rimond s help.
- Can he help us ?
- Yes , he knows so much about these waves and he made many field studies on about it , may he can lead us to something .
Luke opened Carly s bubble and got back , then headed -dir-ectly to the house of coach Rimond . when they arrived and knocked the door and a while later heard a voice saying :
- Who is it ?
- I m Carly my dear uncle .
- He opened the door and after greeting " he said " :
- Can I help you ?
- Yes my uncle , we came to tell you about an important and strange thing at the same time .
- Come in , I was preparing coffee and I found someone to share it with me.
They entered his house and had the coffee with him " he said " :
- What is the important thing ?
Carly said :
- You know my friend Luke ?
- Yes , I know this crazy man .
- Do you remember when I told you about a guy I see in my dreams and I love him and never love anyone else ? this is my man uncle .
- Hahaha I wish you the happiness from my heart.
- You don t believe me . ok , listen to me uncle Rimond , Luke able to control the time and the place and moving between them as he wish and whenever he want , I have been with him in his time and his city and just we came to you .
The smile disappeared from Rimond s face and changed into wondering and his face gestures refer as if he lost something from long ago . " he said " :
- Repeat what have you said ?
Carly repeated what she has said and when she finished Rimond said :
- Oh my god , talk my son .. since I have seen you and I knew there is something important behind you. Tell me your story .
Luke narrated his story completely to coach Rimond until the moment of his existence in his house , when he finished . "uncle Rimond said " :
- You are the controller of the time and the place .
- What do you mean ? I heard this sentence before .
- You are the weakest theories , the science and scientists looked for the reason of the earth sinking and these furious seas but in vain . there was a weak theory among them about the controller who broke the nature law and played with the time and the place which caused these disasters .
- That means, I m the reason behind the earth s disasters?
- Yes , the theory saying but because of its weakness and there wasn t enough evidences it didn t meet a concern from the science and scientists.
- How can I fix this ?
- I don t know , but you are the key of everything and before we talk about the solution I have one wish and I hope you make it real for me .
- With my pleasure coach .
- I want you to take me to Evil tower please .
Luke opened a bubble after he determined his way and said :
- Are you ready coach ? and you Carly ?
- Yes , we are ready .
He caught them from their hands and entered all together to themselves on Evil tower . " the coach said " :
- Oh my god , this is real .
He walked ahead to the end of the tower and began looking at the city and it s beautiful streets under him until the tears became flowing on his cheeks . " he said " :
- The earth is so beautiful and it must stay beautiful as it is . Mr. Luke get me back to my time and my island please .
Luke got him and Carly to their island which was the sound sirens filling it and the people rushing to the shelters and three of them headed to the shelters too . there was three high waves trying to reach the island and they were close from each other and this happened for the first time . the waves defending crew was ready to destroy them , while the small artificial waver were breaking the bases of the natural waves , " the coach said ":
- Do you see ? whenever the breaking of time and playing with it increased , these waves increased .
Luke said :
- If I m the reason , so I m the solution but I don t know how to stop the disaster , you must help me and to ask the specialists . a furious waves will hit my city coach a few days later , we have to hurry up to prevent this … believe me I can save the earth of sinking .
- I believe you but I don t have a suitable answer to solve this disaster and a huge blab will happen if I took you to the developed research center of waves and geology and may they arrest you for the purpose of study and research and until this finish your city and my island will be sunk .
- What we have to do then ?
- When the waves finish , we ll go to my house and make some contacts through my developed computer may we find a solution .
The waves storks ended . they got out to Rimond s house . he entered them into a secret room in his house and he was making in it some secret researches for the government . he opened his so developed computer which he was able to log in to all the secret applications which no ordinary person can log to .
The computer was working by the coach voice , he talk and an electronic person replay, the coach called him Locus . " the coach said " :
- Good evening Locus ? let s get to work .
- Good evening sir , I m ready .
- Tell me about the controller s theory .
- It s one of the weak theories refers to a person broke the law of time and place which led to the sinking of the earth .
- If we find this person , can we stop the happening of the disaster ?
- There is no information in any application to answer you .
- Use any application if it was secret´-or-public and specify the answer by yes´-or-no .
The robot kept silence for minutes and said :
- I searched in all the formal and informal and I can t answer , it could be yes´-or-no .
- Locus from the conclusions you have got through your logging into many applications specify the percentage of this .
- The success of this way about fifty to sixty percent . but I advice to review some ancient books concerning to this subject . the coach turned to Like and Carly and said :
- Have you heard what have been said , do you have any idea .
Luke replayed :
- No .
- Let me make some studies and read some ancient books and we ll met two days later .
Carly said :
Uncle , Luke told me his story and mentioned that the priest who made the device warned him when he met him from using his power , may he has the solution because he is the maker of this device which brought Luke alive .
- Luke should look after this matter and now go . Carly ,you know the way to the door and don t forget to close the it well.
They got out of the house . Luke arrived Carly to the dorm and opened his time bubble and returned back . he found Ben and Selene watching the TV and listening to the waves news which began destroying the world . after saying hi " Ben said" :
- Don t you sit and hear the increasing waves news ?
- I m tired , I ll go to my bed to have some rest and we ll talk later .
He entered his room and tried to but he couldn t . the ideas were clashing in his mind while he looking for a solution . Carly s talk about the priest who made the device was in his mind . he got up of his bed and opened a bubble and determined the time and the place which was Hit city ( the ancient Ad ) and the time after the king s death . he found himself inside the tomb of the god Dajan , the priest Mardookh saw him , he came and greeted him . Luke started talking through thinking . " he said " :
- Your device destroyed the earth priest .
- Didn t I warn you of traveling among times ?
- You blame me of traveling among times and don t blame yourself to make a damn device to bring your king to life and in the contrary you destroyed the whole world ? you sunk the world by a stormy waves hitting the earth from everywhere .
- We wasn t acknowledging it s effect and the size of destruction .
- Let this vain talk and let s think about a solution for this problem . me and two of the future persons try to prevent the disaster happening in fully form and we need your help since you made this device .
- Tell me about your friends .
- Why do you want this ?
- For reasons you ignore and I want to consult the goddess about you and the consult of the priests who helped me to make this device and about the whole problem . I want to make a detailed study by retuning back to the ancient panels , what we passing through is a divine puzzle , the present time participating with the future and past , may I gather it s parts .
Luke told the priest Carly s story and the coach Rimond and when he finished " the priest said " :
- I knew there is a big trouble will happen since I ve seen you , we broke the nature law and the god law , I went to the king s grave (Daniel) and I destroyed the goddess but that didn t work because you still travelling among the times . let me do what I ve told you and we ll meet later .
- Ok , I ll come back to you later and bring my friends with me . we are intending to save it whatever it costs .
Luke returned back to his time and took some rest then he opened Carly s time bubble and traveled to the island at the determined time which means two days later . he met Carly , then they gone to coach s house and met him who stayed in his house for two days for studying and searching . " Carly said " :
- What are the results you have got uncle ?
- I ve got a way to save the earth but I m not sure of it and I don t know the results but it s closer to the reality and logic .
Luke said :
- Tell us the details .
- Actually it s not a specific way but two assumptions , the first one returns to the day before you falling in the king s grave and preventing the soldiers from going to this place and the other return to the king s time and to prevent making the device which made by the priest .
- I returned to ancient Hit city and I met him and he told me that he destroyed the device but in vain . I think the first assumption is better .
- No rush . we still have time Luke .
- Ok , why don t we go together to meet the priest and he promise me too to make a detailed study for this matter hopping to find solution if we gathered .
- Come on , let s go to the ancient time .
- I want to pay attention to something , the talking with the priest will be by thinking not by lips .
Luke opened a time bubble and they entered it to find themselves in the tomb of the god Dajan at the ancient city of Ad . they met the priest Mardookh , Luke introduces them to each other and their talking was by thinking . then the priest accompanied them big room and the panels which written by the ancient writing were there . the discussion started about solving the divine puzzle to prevent the earth s destruction . the coach Rimond told the priest what he got of results , when he finished the priest said :
- When I returned back to the panels and consulting my priests and the blessing of the goddess and after presenting the sacrifices to the god Dajan and god Eil I got that the god Eil wanted the king s Daniel life because of his good characteristics . I m with the coach of returning the controller to the time of the king Daniel to prevent the building of the device but to save the king s life and we must find a proper way to do this .

( Section ten )
(( The end ))
When all of them were busy in solving the divine puzzle , Carly was engaged about her love and what will happen to them . " she said " :
- Priest .. if we saved the king s life, what will happen to us while we are in different times ?
- Honestly , I don t know but be assured that the god will be on our side and will help us , it s her desire .
The coach said :
- The controller must get us back to the time of before his death and to tell the king Daniel about the accident will happen to him and lead to his death and be assured I ll tell him that you are messengers of god to him to save his life . those two reasons : the controller interacting and saving the king will save the earth from disasters .
Luke turned to the coach and whispered slightly saying :
- Does the priest s claim true in your opinion ?
- I think so , his talk applying the sense and logic give the comfort . as he looks a good man .
The priest said :
- Come with me now .
He took them to another room and presented food as a respect for them , took them to another room and presented food as a respect for them , it was prepared of fresh and roasted meat and chicken on fire and he presented it to them on plates made of clay and these plates placed on a tray on the ground and made of palm leaves .in addition to the fruit of grapes , grenade and watermelon . they all sit around the dining table and eat until sufficiency , it was so delicious and unfamiliar , it was the food of BC made in the simplest way. The priest said when they finished :
- We must start implementing the plan .
Carly answered :
- From where shall we start ?
- King Daniel and his minister Akhan never go to war unless they come to this tomb to take the agreement and the blessing of the god Eil and God Dajan . the controller (Luke) must take us to this moment and you get out to them when the kneel . your different language , your dress and your strange skin will scare them but I ll interfere at the suitable time .
The priest explained the plan completely . when he finished " Luke said " :
- Are you ready ?
- Yes .
Luke opened the time bubble which the priest talked about and the four catched each other and entered the bubble to be in front of the king and his minister who were kneeling to their god except the priest Mardookh who already was behind the king and the minister but his eyes were confused , he rubbed them with his hands until his vision became clear , he remembered everything according to the plan . the royal guards were close to the king and his minister . they walked towards Luke and his friends drawing their spears but before they arrive the priest shouted in his language :
- Stop , they are the messengers of god Eil to the glorified king and the minister .
The guards held their positions but the spears still pointed to Luke s and his friends chests . the king raised his head and the minister to find a women and two men dressing strange clothes and their skins color were different and their eyes different too and they heard the priest s talk , the king shacked his head to the guard and they stood aside and put their spears down . " the king said" :
- Who are you and what do you want ?
Luke and his friends couldn t understand the king s language , but the priest translated to them by thinking and asked them to talk with their language in order to convince the king they are messengers of the god .
Carly answered :
- We are the messengers of god Eil to save you from death .
The king and his minister couldn t understand anything , one looked to another . the priest interfered saying :
- You couldn t understand them your majesty because it s the old divine language but I can make you and the minister understand this language .
- Do this .
The priest stepped towards and stood in front of the king and the minister and put his right hand on the king s head and the left on the minister and began muttering ununderstandable talk and when he finished said :
He returned behind them . the king said :
- Are you really the messengers of the god Eil ?
The coach answered :
- Yes we are .
- For what he sent you ?
- To bless your expedition to Adom city and this expedition will be blessed and to warn you from the assassination plot which made by the king Tikan to set you up .
The minister Akhan was hearing the conversation through thinking and said:
- Allow me to speak justice king .
- What is the plot you are talking about and what assassination ?
Luke answered :
- Your are the minister Akhan , the king s friend , his guard , his brother in law , his protector and most faithful one of his men and I ll tell you the plot in details but three days left for the expedition and we ll stay in the king s host and I ll tell you in the evening .
The king said :
- The messengers of the god are welcomed , they are in my host .
Carly said :
- Your majesty , the great priest should be with us because we have been sent in a human bodies and he must stay with us to guide us .
- The messengers requests are complied .
The messengers got on the king s procession which was consisted of multi carriages drawing by horses and guards walking beside it . they arrived the king s palace , the king ordered the servants and the slaves to look after the messengers and the great priest . they complied his order and looked after them very well and dressed them from the clothes of this ancient time which made of animals skins and silk which was according to Carly s demand where she wanted to wear like their clothes and their took a rest until the evening. The king asked for them who prepared a big food table for them containing the testiest types of meat of deer , fish , chicken , fruit and vegetables and the queen Fugha and the minister were sitting around the table . when the messengers attended , the king said :
- Have a seat please .
All of them had a seat around the table :
- Enjoy the food´-or-the messengers don t eat ?
The attendees looked to each other . " the priest said " :
- Yes glorified king they eat , they are in the complete human form .
- Ok , enjoy the food .
Everybody started having food , the servants brought the water when they finished which was inside a kettle and a plate with it made of palm leaves and painted with asphalt . the servants poured the water on their hands and the king accompanied them to the sitting room and the sofas were made of palm leaves , everybody had seat . a while later the minister said:
- If the king excuse me , there is something engaging my mind and I wanted to know from the messengers how Tikan planning to assassinate our justice king ?
Luke answered :
- I ll answer your question . as usual the king used to declare an encouraging speech before the beginning of the war to his soldiers and before he finished there was two soldiers on Tikan followers hiding in holes behind the king and close to him and covered with palm leaves , they will shot their poisoned arrows towards the king and stab him in his back . we must prevent them of killing the fair king .
- Hahaha it s a stupid try of our enemy , we can find it out so easily .
The minister s claim provoked Luke s rage , he was sitting and stood up and stepped towards the king and opened the bubble of moments before the king s assassination and said :
- I ask you minister to stand up in front of me and enter your head between my arms please .
The minister looked at the king and he shacked his head as an agreement . the minister stood up and put his head between Like s hands inside the bubble which he couldn t see and then Luke placed his hand on the minster s head to see how the soldiers succeed to shoot the king with the poisoned arrows and the king fall from his horse and the minister with the guards came to him quickly . he raised his head and Luke removed his hand and the ministers face was pale and so scarred of what he has seen . " Luke said " :
- Have you seen what happened ?
the minister kept silent of the scene . " the king said " :
- What happened to you Akhan ? what have you seen ?
- Nothing glorified king but we have to take care and never lessen the simple matters because may they lead to death . I apologize about what I ve said to the messengers of god .
- Ok , we ll go to , we have important arrangements to face our enemies at Adom .
Everybody dismissed to and while they were going to their rooms " Carly said " :
- I hate the idea of being messengers from god , why don t we tell the king and his minister the truth ?
The priest answered her :
- What you believe that you are not a messenger from god but a human wants to save the earth from sinking with her friends and I think all of them like you .
- Yes , that s right .
- No babe , you and your friend are the messengers of god Eil the god of goddess . yes you don t know that but I ll prove that you are messenger of the god .how do you explain you existence in a time before your time in thousands of years ?
Carly kept quiet and said nothing . they arrived their rooms but the conversation was so interesting , so that they gathered in front of the priest and the priest completed his talk before they enter their rooms " saying " :
- How do you explain the falling of Luke inside the grave of the king Daniel and comes alive instead of the king ? if this haven t happened , the life could be return to the king Daniel instead of him and he ll live in a very different time to his time and he couldn t do what Luke s done , It s the will of god Eil . Rimond who spent most of his life in studying the waves which sunk the earth and his trying to find a solution , everything arranged and as I told before it s a puzzle and came to be ended .
Luke said :
- Priest , we are humans not angles from the god .
- Who told you the messengers of god Eil are angles ? all the messengers of the god are humans . the goddess likes the people more than anything she has created .isn t what I say true ?
All of them answered :
- That s right .
- You are the messengers of god Eil whether you accepted´-or-not and if you knew´-or-not . good night for now .
They gone to and were convinced inside themselves , they were the messengers of the god to save the earth and the fair king .
Luke entered his room and opened the bubble of his time and returned to make assured about his family , he found Ben and Selene packing their baggage intending to leave . " Ben said " :
- Where have you been , I called you many times but your phone was out of the coverage area ?
- Tell me why are you packing your baggage , do you want to leave ?
- The feat overcome the city and the authority informed us that there is a furious waves will hit the city and we must get out .
- When these waves will come ?
- After tomorrow .
- Hear me well Ben , no one will survive if the waves hit the city , Florida state and the nearby states too , you know I control the time and the place and I ll save the earth , you must stay and Selene and the kids at your house . I promise you , nothing wrong will happen to you.
Selene said :
- What is this , it doesn t make sense Luke ?
- Ben will tell you everything but I have to go now . promise me Ben , you will not go anywhere ?
- I promise you , but you must know very well your family in danger .
Luke opened the bubble of king Daniel and got back to his friends without paying attention of anyone . Luke and his friends and the king got out to the war to save and free Adom city and the king and his minister were treating them very well . the waited day came and the two armies faced off in front of the fences of Adom s city . the king got out on his horse to announce his encouraging speech , the god messengers and the priest were standing in front of the king but the king did not get out by himself , instead he got out with ten knights under the command of the minister Akhan to cover him from behind .
At Luke s time the waves reached the city coasts and Ben committed to his promise for Luke . they were standing behind the window of their house watching the wave and because of the extreme height of the wave they couldn t see the its top but the base .
The two soldiers in the holes removed their covers and when they pointed their bows to soot the king , the minister and his soldiers were close to them and shot them with the spears and arrows which led to their death .
The wave was almost reached the house , Ben said to his family :
- Close your eyes .
The family closed their eyes . Ben waited the moment of the water hit but the wave disappeared as if it wasn t exist. " he yelled overjoyed " :
- Luke did it . Selene open your eyes, Luke did it and save the earth from sinking .
The king turned back and saw what happened then he looked ahead and shacked his head as a greet for the god messengers and they shacked their heads in their turn as a greet for the fair king . a while later , the coach Rimond and Carly disappeared from the sight of Luke and he felt of an extreme dizziness in his eyes and he closed them , he opened his eyes when the dizziness gone to find himself inside the American base of the Lion eye at Al Baghdadi sub-district which belongs to Hit city and his friends were celebrating the last day of his military service .

Translated by
Alwaleed Khalid

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